Your Top Bra Questions – Answered!



Believe it or not, the right bra can instantly streamline your silhouette and make you appear slimmer. With your clothes draped properly you’ll project an image that’s comfortable, stylish, and confident. That’s why, I am so happy to answer your bra questions and hope that by reading today’s post, you’ll be able to find the best options for all of your favorite wardrobe items.


Q: I basically live in T-shirts so the last thing I want is to be uncomfortable. However, I still need to keep “the girls” in check. Got any ideas?

A: I tend to live in tees, too, especially on the weekend, and bras that show through my shirt are one of my one of my biggest pet peeves. A nude, seamless underwire with wide straps is the perfect solution. You’ll also want to make sure that it’s seamless, like this one here, which means no lacy details or embroidery.


Q: I’ve seen so many V-neck tops around, but I’m still a bit inhibited about showing off too much cleavage. What is the ideal bra to wear under that type of top?

A: Lower-cut shirts call for a demi bra. I love this lace version because it really flatters and flaunts the décolletage. (Don’t be shy if some lace peeks out either! That’s just an added bonus, a little accessory, if you will.)


Q: Help! Is there a good strapless bra? I just bought this one-shoulder dress for my friend’s wedding and can’t seem to find one that fits right.

A: Yes, this one here with boning at the sides and back! It has a wide elastic band at the bottom and mesh sides for added comfort. Plus, it offers full coverage so that you can boogie down without worrying if your bra will come down, too.

Simply put, these three bra styles are a girl’s best friends and are a beautiful start to a well-balanced collection. But first, do yourself (and your favorite clothes) a favor and get fitted by a Macy’s fit expert. My guess is, you’ll be very pleased by your new look. Enjoy the glow!


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