What’s the Best Way to Layer for Cold Weather?

Done right, layering adds depth — and warmth — to an outfit. Done wrong, it can make you look like a burlap sack full of squash. Luckily, all it takes is a few simply steps to ensure that doesn’t happen

Step #1. You must begin with the correct undergarments, specifically a good bra. If the girls aren’t in the best possible place, you risk adding extra lumps and bumps to your silhouette.



Step #2. Next, add a layer that fits close to the body, like a camisole or even a fitted T-shirt. The key word here is “fitted.” If your first layers are bulky (as in a one-size-fits-all cotton tee) you’ll never look streamlined. This is where a spandex blend can be your best friend! Keep the color of this layer solid for easy pairing.


Step #3. Now comes your top. At this point, I’d add a printed design, even a bold color, which you can tone down with subsequent layers, if necessary. This layer should fit a little more loosely, but without too much extra fabric. And choose a breathable fabric. (If you live in a cold climate, you might already know that layering keeps you warmer because the layers trap warm air near your body. So, if you start to overheat, you’ll want breathable pieces you can remove when necessary.


Step #4. Afterwards, toss on a sweater, sweater vest, or structured jacket. This tier should also fit fairly close to the body without being too tight. Remember: Heavier fabrics like wools, knits and tweeds should be layered over lighter materials like cotton, chiffon and poly blends.


Step #5. Jewelry and lightweight scarves are the finishing touch. If it’s really cold out, add a final layer of an overcoat, a hat, gloves, and heavier scarves.

An important note: Take your height into consideration when piling on the layers. Petites can overwhelm their frame with too much fabric or length. Just as cuffed pants make your legs look shorter, so does a super long bulky coat. It simply chops the leg line up, inevitably making you look shorter.

Voilà! You’re all layered up. Now, is it getting hot in here, or is that just me?

Hope that helps,



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