Wedding Registry Inspiration: Get Your House Guest-Ready!

Just for a second, imagine the panic of entertaining last-minute guests who want to stay overnight…and you’re not prepared. Now, let’s envision registering for guest essentials and having a surplus of fresh towels, comfy sheets and all you need to whip up crowd-pleasing morning treats. Sounds much better, right? Plus, it’s double the fun for friends and family—they’ll get a chance to give you items they’ll get to use later. Seriously, nothing makes a gift-giver happier than seeing you use the present they carefully picked…so, let’s do this!

image1When it comes to a properly outfitted guest room, it’s important that the bedding is dedicated to your overnight guests. This way, they’ll always be clean and at the ready. Be sure to register for both soft and firm pillows and just one or two decorative pillows. Avoid down filling—you never know if a future guest will be allergic! As for sheets, have multiple sets in case your guests stay for an extended period of time.

Featured here: Ralph Lauren Sateen Sheet Collection; Langdon Border Pillows; Wyatt Quilted Square Pillows; Tate Logo Pillow.


A guest-ready bathroom is always full of fresh body, face and hand towels. If your overnighters won’t have their own bathroom, pick a unique color for the guest towels, so they’ll always know which ones are theirs to use.

Featured: Hotel Collection Ultimate MicroCotton Bath Towels.

Though your menu for breakfast will vary, one thing’s for sure—smoothies and juices are a universal favorite. Not to mention, they’re quick and guests can customize the ingredients. We recommend a power-packed Vitamix because it’s easy to use and can help feed a crowd fast.

Featured: Vitamix Blenders.


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