The Ultimate Home Organization Guide

There’s nothing better than coming home to a clean, well-organized space, whether it’s a tidy kids’ playroom, pristine home office or as simple as styled bookshelf. And seeing that now is a time for resolutions, below are a few tips and tricks on how you can keep each part of our home de-cluttered and stress-free.

Create a Gallery Wall
If you’re limited on space, but have great pics and artwork you want to display, then a gallery wall is for you. Determining the right layout can takes some patience and time, but there are ways to simplify the process.
Curate your art—kids sketches, artist prints, flea market paintings, your favorite photographs—in a range of sizes. Always include one oversized piece to serve as an anchor for your smaller images.
Test your composition by laying it out on the floor; position your largest image just off-center and place your smaller vertical and horizontal images around it.
Keep at least a few inches between each piece of art. They don’t have to be exactly the same, but just make sure they aren’t too close (looking crammed) or floating too far away.
Once you’ve settled on a layout, you’re ready to start hanging. Remember to start with your largest piece!

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Arrange Your
Shelves with Style
Books and collectibles on display add personality
and warmth to any space, whether it’s in your family room, bedroom or home office. To visitors, your bookcase will communicate what you read, what you collect and what
you love.
Use your books as a base. Experiment with how to display them (i.e. horizontally vs. vertically) and group them with similarly sized books.
For every stack of books, add an object. Whether it’s on top of the books, or holding the books up, use the object to break up the “library” look. This could be anything from decorative vases, pretty candles, or small live plants to add color and texture.
Add pieces that evoke memories like photos of friends or family, a souvenir from your recent trip or a vintage piece from your grandmother. You know, the things that make you, you!

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Set Up A Home Office
If you work from home, you owe it to yourself to set up a proper office space you love separate from your home life. First step: Eliminate any kind of added stress with organization tools with the help of storage carts, magazine files and more.
It’s easy to let papers pile up in your home office, but before it does, take control. Create a system to either toss it, file or take action from it. Color-code your important paperwork and file them away.
Store all of your office supplies in containers, bins, baskets and drawers. Putting away your supplies will immediately give your office a de-cluttered look.
Categorize your supplies and place like items together. This will make your office more functional and organized. Label everything and you’ll never have to guess where anything is!

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Keep Kids’ Toys at Bay
No matter how much you pick up after the kids, there will inevitably be toys lying around, or at least it seems. The solution? Organize a play area for your kids that’s both functional and fun!
Since space is a finite thing, be realistic and firm about how you use it. If you don’t have space for everything once you’re well organized, its time to get rid of toys. Start with ones that are missing pieces, doesn’t work or is broken. Then get your kids to tell you which toys they’re willing to let go of and donate them to charity.
Label bins with category names so when it comes to cleanup time, your kids know where to dump their toys. See-through bins are also a plus so the kids know exactly where each toy is/goes.
Clean as you go and make playroom cleanup time fun with collapsible cubes with cute, graphic prints! Turn cleaning into a game or a race and see who can clean up the fastest—your kids will love it and it’ll get the job done.

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