Top 5 Questions Engaged Couples Have About Registry


Now that you’ve got the man of your dreams, it’s time to get planning for the big event. While planning your dream wedding means choosing a venue, the flowers, the perfect dress and more, you’ll also want to create a wedding registry (or wish list) of all the things you’d love and need for your new home! So when should you start? And what’s an appropriate price range? We caught up with Jillian Bergren, the Wedding & Gift Registry District Coordinator of Monterey, CA, to provide the top 5 newlywed FAQ’s about their wedding registry…


Knowing that our team of registry consultants is no stranger to these asks and more, we tapped Jillian Bergren, the Wedding & Gift District Coordinator of Monterey, California, to provide the answers to the most common questions from newly engaged couples. Let’s see what she had to say!

101016_lwh_top_5_image05When should we start to register?

101016_lwh_top_5_image06It’s never too early to register. People will give gifts as soon as they find out the couple is engaged. Starting your registry at Macy’s makes it easy for the gift givers to buy presents, as they are familiar with the process of buying shower and wedding gifts. However, we recommended starting your registry about nine months before the wedding to get the most rewards from Macy’s.

It is recommended to check in with the Registry Advisor at Macy’s throughout your engagement because as the seasons change, products will also change. You may see more items to add or update to your registry. Don’t be shy about adding to your registry; it’s always better to have plenty of gift options available for guests to purchase.


101016_lwh_top_5_image05What is an average wedding price for gifts?

101016_lwh_top_5_image06Shower gifts range from $50 – $100 and wedding gifts average $100. But I let couples know to add big-ticket items to their registry because there is family and friends who would like to purchase a $500 gifts for instance. If those bigger items are not available, guests will have to choose an assortment of gifts, which may not be as easy as purchasing one gift. Some popular big-ticket items from Macy’s are the KitchenAid mixer, a Dyson vacuum, the Hotel Collection bed set and the All Clad stainless cookware set.


What is registry recommended cookware?

101016_lwh_top_5_image06I start asking my couples what they prefer to cook with, stainless or non-stick.  If they like to cook with stainless, I give advice about quality cookware, also suggest adding a couple of nonstick fry pans to go along the stainless cookware set.

For nonstick options I advise couples about products such as, All Clad, Calphalon/Anolon and Tools of the Trade depending on quality and price point. The Anolon Copper Nouveau can be displayed in the kitchen. The rivets inside are imbedded so food does not get stuck in the cracks. The cookware is hard anodized and will not chip and you can use both silicon and metal cooking utensils.

101016_lwh_top_5_image05Can we scan furniture?

101016_lwh_top_5_image06YES! Most of our couples are just starting their lives together and may need a new mattress, sofa or bed set and Macy’s offers 10% off to our registered couples. While furniture may not be a wedding present, couples are able to use their Dream Fund card and other gift cards to apply to their furniture purchase. WGR and the furniture team partner together to help better serve our couples as they are starting their lives together.


101016_lwh_top_5_image05How can we tell who got us what from our registry?

101016_lwh_top_5_image06You can sign into your personal registry page and click the “Thank You Manager” in order to view their purchase list. You can see who purchased what, when the purchase was made and if they purchased the items online or took them from in-store. This will help you manage and organize your registry and allow you to send out thank you cards as soon as you receive your gifts!

Overall, Macy’s offers wide range of products and service to meet the need of our millennial couples. We offer a one-stop shop for everything wedding. As an advisor, I feel it’s important to advise and guide our couples as they are setting up their dream home together. I listen to what couples need for their home and try my best to guide them to the best products.

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