Tips for A Healthier New Year

New Year’s resolutions are par for the course right about now, and if you’ve promised yourself to make some healthy changes, it’s a good time to give it a go. To help you get started, we tapped a few of the cooking pros from the Macy’s Culinary Council to spill their tips, tricks, and recipes on healthy living and clean eating to achieve your wellness goals stat. Let’s see what they have to say…

Favorite Smoothie
“So easy—frozen strawberries, smooth peanut butter, soy milk and sugar (optional); blend it all together, pour into a glass and serve immediately.”
—Chef Rick Bayless
“Sweet potatoes, carrots, apples & ginger!”
—Chef michelle bernstein
“An avocado-banana smoothie with yogurt, orange juice and fresh ginger.”
—Chef marcus samuelsson
“Yogurt with green tea powder (Matcha) and peach juice.”
—Chef takashi yagihashi
Favorite Healthy Food
“Smoked salmon, quinoa, Swiss chard, avocado, almonds and olives. Funny, writing this list, I realized they would all go really well together or separate!”
—Chef michelle bernstein
“You can’t beat a hearty Granny Smith apple.
I love that satisfying crisp crunch.”
—Chef Marcus Samuelsson
“I’ve always been a proponent of balanced eating;
eating lower on the food chain during the week and leaving
enough room for big, blowout feasts on the weekend.”
—Chef Rick Bayless
“Natto—fermented soybeans.”
—Chef takashi yagihashi
Favorite Salad Ingredients
“Red leaf lettuce, celery (can’t live without it), fennel, avocado,
sunflower seeds, oil and red wine vinegar.”
—Chef michelle bernstein
“Frisee, beets, Marcona almonds and broccoli.”
—Chef Takashi Yagihashi
“A salad should have the perfect balance of crunch, bitter, and natural sweetness. Use ingredients that are in season and whatever you do, don’t add the dressing too early or over the salad.”
—Chef Marcus Samuelsson
Favorite Fish Dish
“Right now, I’m loving striped bass grilled over an open fire.”
—Chef Rick Bayless
“I really love to work with whole fish and use every
part of it—the filets for a delicious noodle bowl or a fish cake,
and the bones for an awesome fish stock.”
—Chef Marcus Samuelsson
“Any good white fish or salmon poached in dashi (seaweed)
broth, stir fry bok choy and sticky rice—it’s the most deliciously
savory dish packed with umami.”
—Chef Michelle Bernstein
“Shima-ahi-Nigri (sushi)—this fish has so much Umami,
and a touch of ginger on top of the filet is the best!”
—Chef Takashi Yagihashi
Best Healthy Living Tip
“Everything in moderation. Don’t say no
to yourself, just say maybe a little today.
Water, water, water and walk a lot.”
—Chef Michelle Bernstein
“I think knowing how to cook is the best thing you can do
for yourself. When you see the ingredients that you’re
working with, you get involved with making healthier choices.”
—Chef Marcus Samuelsson
“Be positive; tomorrow could be a better day.”
—Chef Takashi Yagihashi

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  1. Please send me your delicious Healthy recipes fruit shakes! Instead of soy milk. Can you substitute t with Fat Free Milk ? Renee Ottolino. Thank you

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