The Inside Scoop w/Caprice: Fashion Star Season 2, Episode 4



“It’s Getting Hot in Here!” That’s the song that was playing in my head as we entered into Episode 4:  The Summer Looks Challenge!


The designers were tasked with presenting their hottest summer looks, but the twist was they needed to work as a team. As you may have seen, it became very clear that some of them DO NOT play nice with others!
Now, you might ask, “Why a team challenge? As independent designers, when would they ever have to partner up?” Well… you’d be surprised! Designers have to collaborate on many levels, with their design teams, with their business partners AND ultimately with the buyers.  A designer that doesn’t work well with others isn’t going to make it very far in the fashion industry!
So right away, there was DRAMA with two of the teams…


Team Nicole was totally dysfunctional right from the beginning. I couldn’t believe that they could barely agree on the Summer in the City theme — let alone what to design together! Then, for Johanna to flip the script mid-challenge… a bold move but not very team spirited! It paid off for her, though, as she was the only one bought. However, I have to think she could have handled it better.
Next was Team JV! They did a nice job showcasing a cohesive theme. I definitely felt like it was a Tropical Vacation and everything worked together — even Amber’s Pants! I have to say I was surprised to hear she created them with Macy’s in mind. Overall, the group did a great job with three out of four designers sold.  Team JV is STILL the team to beat!



Last, but certainly not least, was Team Jessica! From day one, JesseRay and Garrett and Hunter were on the same page with their Pool Party theme. They clearly wanted each other to be successful, leveraging one another’s strengths. The result? Fantastic! It was interesting to see Hunter sweat it out a little bit, but ultimately her last minute change from romper to caftan made ALL the difference!

I bought into the entire Pool Party, purchasing both JesseRay and Garrett’s Empire Dress AND Hunter’s Caftan Mini. As far as I’m concerned, Team Macy’s and Team Jessica were the BIG winners last night!
Now… we just need the weather to cooperate and we are 100% good to go!  Enjoy the weekend, I’ll see you next week! And be sure to shop your favorite looks at




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  1. I love the fact that you are buying the designer’s looks in plus sizes, too. ( Express doesn’t go up in sizes past an 18, and that was just for one challenge). I was a little late to get a purchase in on the fashion stars designs that I really wanted to purchase from previous shows, they sold out so quickly.  So now I log in to my Macy’s account DURING the show… LOL.

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