The 10 Trends Guaranteed to Rock Festival Season

Festival Season

Festival grounds are the new place to see and be seen, so there’s no better time to step up your boho style than before the first concert hits the field. Luckily, we know what items are at the top of the fashion charts and guarantee you’ll stand out in even the trendiest crowds. Below, the 10 things you just have to pack in your weekend bag.

Festival Fashion, Maxi Dresses, Crop Tops

1. Maxi Dresses

Let there be length! Maxi dresses surge onto the scene in sheer and breezy styles.

2. Crop Tops

If you can’t crop it like it’s hot at a music festival, where can you? Mid-drift bearing tops are especially popular during the summer fests.

Material Girl embroidered maxi dress, lace-up crop top, flared pants and platform sandals; Madden Girl gladiator sandals.

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Festival Fashion, Flare Pants, Fringe, Sunglasses

3. Flare Pants

The 70s are back in a big way, so embrace one of the decade’s biggest trends — flare pants! Flaunt your groovy fashion in jeans or cool, printed styles.

4. Retro Sunglasses

Sunglasses are always a must-have at outdoor fests, but this season is all about retro frames like aviators and clubmasters.

5. Fringe

No bohemian look is complete without fringe and don’t be afraid to wear a lot of it. Jackets, sandals, skirts and tops are all fair game for fringe.

Jessica Simpson flared jeans; American Rag fringe sandals, denim shirt and fringe skirt; Ray Ban aviator sunglasses.

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Festival Fashion, Floral Prints, Bare Shoulders

6. Floral Prints

Always a spring favorite, this year’s florals are bigger, bolder and more colorful than ever.

7. Bare Shoulders

Off-the-shoulder styles give off that laid-back, free-spirited vibe that festival fashion is all about.

B. Darlin off-the-shoulder dress; XOXO bare shoulder top, high-waisted shorts; Madden Girl caged sandals.

04-05-16 - mBLOG - FASHION - Fest Fashion - img007

Festival Fashion, Denim, Lace-up, Gladiator Sandals

8. Denim Dressing

It’s not for just jeans anymore. Denim shirts, skirts, dresses and jackets promise to be huge hits this festival season.

9. Lace-Up Details

This edgy trend is sure to find it’s way to the festival grounds, just beware of funky tanlines!

10. Gladiator Sandals

It’s the taller, the better for cool caged or lace-up gladiator sandals.


Marilyn Monroe floral bodysuit, asymmetrical skirt, lace-up dress and moto jean jacket.


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