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Staff Picks: The Gym Essentials We Can’t Live Without

The fitness world is constantly changing with new workouts all the time. Whether you are a fan of the tried-and-true methods or something a little trendier, we all have one thing in common… that piece of gear that gets us prepped and pumped. From boutique classes all the way to marathon training, odds are someone on ou…

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Macy’s Fashion Director Cassandra Jones on the Look of Athleisure

ICYMI: The athleisure trend is having a major moment right now. So, how do you create a streetwear look that’s a little less straight out of kickboxing class and a little more model off-duty? Macy’s Fashion Director Cassandra Jones gave us the lowdown on what to do (and what not to do) to achieve that perfect sporty-me…


Get Out There: On the Move with Ideology

As much as those laidback Summer vibes may put you in the mood to chill-ax all day, it’s actually the ideal season for staying active. Here, our friends at Ideology remind us that even just a little movement, be it on the treadmill or the sand, is always a step in the right direction.   [...]…


3 Ways to Get Pumped Up About Your Spring Workout

Two-piece dresses. Swimsuits. Fab cutouts. Oh, sorry, we were just thinking about all the reasons a good fitness routine is a total must right now. Whether rocking out crop top-style at music festivals or enjoying that very first dip in the pool, you’ll want to look your best for a ton of Spring fun coming [...]…


In Case You Missed It: The Best of mBLOG this Week

This week on mBLOG was all about the New Year and a new you. Resolutions are all the rage and we’re helping to make them stick. In cased you missed it, here’s how to have a 2015 to remember!   Looking to redo your space in the New Year? Macy’s Fashion Director for Home, Stephen [...]…


What Your Workout Clothes Say About You

It’s that time of year again when people find the motivation to get their bodies right and tight for the coming Spring. And you know what that means: a gym full of new eyes stealthily peeping your every style move. However, there’s no need to get nervous because we’ve put together a quick tutorial on [...]…


Back to School Shopping by the Numbers

We know what you’re thinking, “The Summer’s just getting started!” But believe it or not, the first day of school is quickly approaching and you certainly can’t head back to campus unprepared. To start the school year off on a chic note, pay close attention to our lesson on a fashionable Fall semester. And just [...]…


Resolve to Help Him Makeover His Gym Bag

Like many of us, it’s quite possible your man has vowed to loose weight this year and workout more. While you’re not likely to be his spotter, say, there are still ways you can assist him in achieving his goal. How? To start, by encouraging him to clean out his gym bag...     MUST [...]…


Look Cute at the Gym — Yes, It Can Be Done!

Locking down a really fabulous look for the gym doesn’t have to be a workout. In fact, it’s totally doable with just a few easy pieces — and Clinton Kelly is here to show you how it’s done! And one and two      …

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