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Valentine’s Day Fragrances for Every Kind of Mood

This Valentine’s Day, think pink… fragrances! Whether you choose to grab his attention with fruity top notes like Versace Bright Crystal or set the mood with a romantic floral mix like Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, there’s a scent for whatever evening you have planned. And even if a night in with the girls is how you spe…


Celebrate the Holidays with the new Gold Standard in Beauty

While gold may not have been named as the new Pantone Color(s) of the Year, I expect it’s going to play a starring role as the perfect accent for both of the soft, feminine shades of Rose Quartz & Serenity. Truthfully, metallics have been trending for some time now, but last season and going into [...]…


5 Things We’re Totally Crushing on This Month: July Edition

Can you believe 2015 is halfway over already? With how brief Spring was, our track of time seems to have gotten a little out of whack, but one thing’s for sure: July is here! You know what that means… get ready to light the fireworks, make a splash, and break out the sunblock — not [...]…


What to Wear to All Those Summer Weddings

It’s wedding season! So, we’re pretty sure you’ve got more than a few ceremonies filling up your calendar, which equals a lot of fun for your social life, but a lot of pressure on your wardrobe. Each occasion has a different venue, dress code and vibe, so finding an outfit to suit each can be [...]…


Tonya’s Fave Finds – February Edition

Currently I’ve got a serious case of the blahs! I feel like winter is never going to end, my skin is perpetually dry, and I’m really wishing I could go back to a time when Spring Break (aka guaranteed sun & surf) was baked into my schedule. You feel me, right? I think late February [...]…


Must-Have Scent for Men – Versace Eros

Ever dream of dating a Greek God type? Look no further, because Versace just bottled your fantasy fragrance. Named after the Greek God of Love, I predict Versace Eros will have you falling head over heels. And don’t just take my word for it! At a blogger breakfast to officially introduce t…

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