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Macy’s Fashion Director Cassandra Jones Recaps the Top NYFW Trends

For the team at Macy’s Fashion Office, New York Fashion Week isn’t just about hopping from one show to the next and rubbing elbows with style’s biggest stars. Their main mission is to spot what’s going to be new and next in the world of fashion—whether it’s what’s on the runway or the front row. Fashion Director Cassan…


5 Things We’re Totally Crushing on This Month: September Edition

So long, Summer! With September's long-awaited arrival comes the start of a brand new season, another exciting run of New York Fashion Week, and the first-ever Macy’s Presents Fashion’s Front Row (plus, hint hint, some big changes here at mBLOG)… in other words, the green light to finally break out all of our faves for…


The Weekend Guide to Looking Good

Living in a place like New York City, it's pretty hard not to find something to do. From movie nights with friends to Sunday brunches, the weekends are the perfect chance to have a little fun (not to mention, break out some cool fashion statements, too). And FYI: There’s no need to wait until Saturday. [...]…


The Best of College Street Style

Whether you’re a returning senior or a budding freshman, shopping for a back to school wardrobe is at the top of every coed’s to-do list. And who better to inspire your new fashion picks than street style stars who basically have a PhD in trendsetting? Check out the top outfits that have us ready to [...]…


Star-Studded Style for Your Man from Hollywood’s Biggest Actors

As we prepare to honor Hollywood’s most talented leading men this weekend, there’s much more to be inspired by than just their amazing on-screen performances. Whether it’s for the red carpet or a casual day in the city, this year’s Best Actor nominees can certainly hold their own in the wardrobe department too. Take a …


Throwback Thursday Style: The Rise and Return of Sweatpants

Fact: Casual is the new black, and the latest wardrobe staple to get on board with this super-comfy trend is sweatpants. Of course, they’re not exactly first-timers on the “what’s hot” list. Back in the day, rappers, athletes, and scores of cool kids from coast-to-coast rocked their sweats with the utmost swagger. The …


3 Incredibly Simple Ways to Dress Like A Parisian “It” Girl

In Paris, the sidewalks double as catwalks and the women have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes their style completely covet-worthy. So, what better time than Bastille Day (aka France’s 4th of July) to highlight the fashion found in this sartorial hotspot? From vintage-inspired bohemian designs to the new casual coo…


Street Style from NYFW to Copy Now

At New York Fashion Week, the style in the streets is just as important as what’s walking down the runway.  While the new designer collections are still a few seasons away from stores, celebs, stylists and bloggers (read: trendsetters) are heading to the shows in fashion fads that are hot right now.  We’re taking to [.…

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