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How to Set the Perfect Easter Table

And just like that, Easter is right around the corner! Hosting this year? Whether it’s a small group of friends or the entire fam, a festive brunch is sure to be a crowd pleaser. In addition to the food and the drinks, your table can help set the tone of the meal! Don’t know where to start? We’ve put together an easy h…


Registry Quiz: What Kind of Host Are You?

One of the best things about starting a new home together is that you get to wine and dine friends and family using all of your amazing registry items. But exactly which dinnerware and serving essentials you’ll need to have at the ready depends on your unique entertaining style. Perhaps you’re known for raucous dance […


Laying It All On the Table: Clinton Kelly’s Guide to Flatware

Our resident wedding expert Clinton Kelly is laying it all out on the table — when it comes to registering for flatware, that is. Metals, patterns, sets and servers, he’s breaking down every detail. Seriously, did you know there’s a fork just for grapefruits? Clinton does! Now that you're getting hitched, you'll need t…

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