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4 Reasons Why We’re Crushing on Health and Wellness

New Year, new you, right? Come January 1st, everyone and their mothers (including ours) make a New Year’s resolution to better themselves—especially one that is health related. Bouncing back to reality after an indulgent holiday season definitely isn’t an easy task. Need some inspiration to get motivated and lead a hea…


5 Things We’re Totally Crushing on This Month: January Edition

Who’s ready for a cute start to 2015? We certainly are! As yet another chapter begins, it’s critical that you kick it off the right way: By looking fab and having fun! To make sure your year gets moving in the perfect direction, we’ve shared a few of the things we’re totally psyched for this [...]…


Macy’s Staffers Reveal Their Fashion Resolutions

Even those of us who work in the wonderful world of fashion know there’s always room to improve upon one’s wardrobe — and the stylish staffers at Macy’s are certainly no different! This year, we’ve resolved to up our fashion game with new trends, chic accessories and creative styling. Here’s how a few of my [...]…

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