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Valentine’s Day Fragrances for Every Kind of Mood

This Valentine’s Day, think pink… fragrances! Whether you choose to grab his attention with fruity top notes like Versace Bright Crystal or set the mood with a romantic floral mix like Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, there’s a scent for whatever evening you have planned. And even if a night in with the girls is how you spe…


Everything You Need to Know About Fragrance Layering

A few of the perks of being a celebrity include fancy cars, party invites for every night of the week and your very own fragrance. While we can’t do anything about the cars and parties, we happen to know just how to create your very own signature scent. The key is fragrance layering, also known [...]…


The 8 Best Travel Beauty Products for Jet-Setting Gals

Whether you’re planning a beach side retreat, a European holiday or yet another business trip, we all need to bring our favorite beauty products on the go. But how can you turn your cluttered makeup bag into a TSA-friendly carry-on? It’s easy once you know a few tricks and must-have items. 1. Travel-Size Moisturizer Am…


Celebrate the Holidays with the new Gold Standard in Beauty

While gold may not have been named as the new Pantone Color(s) of the Year, I expect it’s going to play a starring role as the perfect accent for both of the soft, feminine shades of Rose Quartz & Serenity. Truthfully, metallics have been trending for some time now, but last season and going into [...]…


Tonya’s Fave Finds – June Edition

This month was filled with travel, visitors, more events than I can remember, and of course the long awaited summer weather. And while it only takes a few days of “toaster living” (that’s how I affectionately refer to the heat levels here) to make a girl reevaluate her entire beauty routine, I’m not solely focused [...…


7 Spring Products Too Pretty to Pass Up!

In NYC, black is the new black. Personally, I’m okay with that. Let’s just say there are pictures of me as a child dressed in head-to-toe pink and later in life wearing way too much frosted pink lipstick … It’s nothing I want to relive! Still, there’s something about Spring that makes the pull toward [...]…

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