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How to Get Ready for the Best Night Ever

We can all agree that no night out is complete without the perfect outfit. And because confidence is as much about how you feel as it is about how you look, our night out experts have put together a guide on making the getting ready portion of your night just as fun as your time on the town. Read on for our tips on how…

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Spring Dresses & Where to Wear Them

The sun is shining, and our lineup of must-attend spring events is only getting longer. From wedding invitations to rooftop soirees to nights at the museum, there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with new dresses. And trust us, we’ve got one for every occasion!…

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Chic Holiday Looks
for Every Occasion

Oh, the places you’ll go this holiday season! From nights out with your girls to dinner with the family and cocktails with coworkers, you’re going to need a wardrobe as packed as your social calendar. So, where do you start? Right here, of course! Our collection of outfits ensures you'll be the best-dressed guest at [.…


3 Ways to Wear the Little Red Dress

We’re calling a Code Red! But there’s no reason to be alarmed — we’re just totally obsessed with the little red dress. Not only is it the perfect color for the holiday season, but it’s also guaranteed to get you noticed, no matter the occasion. And if you don’t think the LRD (get it?) is [...]…


What to Wear to All Those Summer Weddings

It’s wedding season! So, we’re pretty sure you’ve got more than a few ceremonies filling up your calendar, which equals a lot of fun for your social life, but a lot of pressure on your wardrobe. Each occasion has a different venue, dress code and vibe, so finding an outfit to suit each can be [...]…


Your June Fashion Calendar: Decoded

It’s officially the busy season. No, not for work — for fun! June is just around the corner and we bet your social calendar is already filled with weekend getaways, outdoor concerts and rooftop parties. If you think keeping all these activities straight in your date book is difficult, just wait until you try to [...]…


Bridal Shower 101 with Clinton Kelly

Weddings’ Best Man is back! Clinton Kelly is giving us the dish on everything bridal once again and first up on his docket… the bridal shower. From what to wear to how to prepare, Mr. Kelly covers all the bases (and the tricky spots in between). Seriously, who could be better than the ultimate party [...]…


Spring Trend Alert: The Day and The Night

Just like day and night, black and white couldn’t be more different. And perhaps it’s the striking contrast that makes these colors a perennial fashion trend. Back again for Spring 2015, black and white printed, graphic and colorblocked designs truly make for eye-catching style. We spent a day and a night in majestic M…


Spring Trend Alert: The Sun

What’s the best part about Spring? Finally basking in the bright, beautiful sunshine, of course! And the latest color trend embraces just that. The Sun sheds light on a yellow that’s anything but mellow and all the other shades that make up the solar rainbow — orange, coral, red and nude. Follow us through the [...]…

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