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3 Ways to Dress Down a Khaki Suit

Come spring and summer, a versatile khaki suit is a closet staple for every guy. On top of wearing it to weddings or work, you can easily use just the pants or blazer to create casual yet polished looks. Here are three of our faves!…

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Macy’s Fashion Directors on Spring’s Must Haves

Spring means starting over—out with the old, in with the new. Or as we like so say, “out with the old trends, in with the new fashion!” So, how exactly should you start rebuilding your wardrobe this season? We asked the style forecasters at Macy’s Fashion Office to give us the rundown on what’s guaranteed to be hot—for…


Clinton Kelly’s Guide to Registry Perks & Privileges

Did you know that when you create your bridal registry at Macy’s you’re rewarded with awesome Perks and Privileges? Well, Clinton Kelly does, and he’s sharing the details of every incredible discount. Plus, our wedding guru has a few ideas of how to use those extra special savings… Perk Up! The great thing about regist…


4 Fundamentals to His Spring Suit Look

Although we’ve put away our Easter baskets, there’s sure to be plenty of other occasions for your man to break out his favorite suits this season. Whether it’s between the hours of 9 to 5, at your girlfriend’s wedding, or for that romantic dinner date you’ve got planned this weekend, here’s how to see to [...]…


Spring Trend Alert: Tailored Neutrals

You don’t have to worry about your guy looking his best in the months ahead — true sartorial excellence comes naturally this season with our Tailored Neutrals trend. And by “naturally,” we’re talking about the awesome assortment of natural tones — think rocky greys and charming tans — waiting to invade his closet. Belo…


The Groom’s Guide to Wedding Day Style

When it comes to the big day, your gorgeous gown is bound to steal the show. But, that’s no excuse for your guy to stand in your stylish shadow. To help, we’re giving grooms a cheat sheet to wedding day fashion from ties to toes. Because every bride deserves to have a dapper groom by [...]…


You’re Engaged… Now Let’s Party!

New Year’s Eve didn’t just mark the end of the holiday season, but engagement season as well. If you’re one of the lucky ladies rocking a shiny new bauble on your left ring finger (congrats!), then there’s one more celebration to look forward to. An engagement party is your chance to spread the good news [...]…


5 Reasons Why This Will Always Be the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Summer may have the sun, Spring the flowers and Fall the foliage, but Winter has the magic! Snow, parties, presents and more — this season has it all!  But why is this season so uniquely wonderful? Let us count the ways…   1. Because you don’t need to be warm to look hot! The weather [...]…


Dear mBLOG: What’s the Best Way to Dress For An Office Holiday Party?

Ah, the age-old question: How does one find that perfect balance of fun and office-appropriate for the annual holiday work party? It’s actually quite easy if you have the right accessories — even the guys can pull it off. We’ve got the fashion covered below, but you’ll have to figure out any awkward chitchat on [...]…


5 Easy Steps Every Man Should Take to Look His Best This Year

When browsing the Internet’s countless fashion sites or exploring your city’s arts district, it’s easy to feel like some guys just instinctively know how to put themselves together. If your man isn’t one of them, don’t sweat it; we are here to help make 2014 the year that changes with five easy steps for improving [...…

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