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5 Ways To Reinvent Yourself in 2018

The only mantra you need to take on 2018: New year, new you! It’s the perfect time for transformation, reinvention and increasing the positive vibes in your life. That’s why instead of writing out a typical list of resolutions, we’re recommending fun and refreshing ways to reinvent yourself in 2018. From transforming y…


Experience America the Beautiful at the 2016 Macy’s Flower Show

Spring is in full swing and we’re celebrating from sea to shining sea at the annual Macy’s Flower Show, starting Sunday, March 22 until Saturday, April 4. This year’s spectacle captures the diverse and majestic beauty of the USA, from the rocky shores of Maine to sprawling Midwest farmlands and the stunning Pacific coa…


Our Top 5 Registry Picks from Martha Stewart

When building your bridal registry gets a little too complicated, who wouldn’t want a little help from the queen of all things domestic? Which is exactly why we created a list of items from the Martha Stewart Collection that every couple should consider adding to their wishlist. Just think, it’s like having your new ho…


Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping with Martha Stewart’s Top Gift Picks

Find yourself having trouble crossing those last few names off your holiday shopping list? Don’t sweat it. The way we see it, if Santa can get a little help from his elves, then you're entitled to some assistance, too! Our go-to expert on all things home and lifestyle, Martha Stewart, is here with her hand-picked [...]…

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In the Kitchen with Celebrity Chef Thomas Joseph

Foodies, you’re going to love this! We got the chance to sit down with Chef Thomas Joseph, host of Kitchen Conundrums on marthastewart.com, to chat about his love of food, some of his fave recipes and what it really takes to make the perfect pizza pie. Here’s the dish:…


An Easy and Delicious Pizza Recipe from Martha Stewart

Tired of take out? We hear ya! Below, lifestyle maven Martha Stewart breaks down one of her best pizza creations so you can pull it off like a pro. A simple, tasty meal that the whole family can enjoy? Now that’s amore! Martha says…. “There are a couple of tricks to keep in mind when [...]…


Get Your Place Fall-Ready with Brilliant Pops of Pomegranate

Pretty soon, it'll be time to update that closet of yours (translation: stashing the flip-flops and tanks 'til next year). And just like your wardrobe, your home can benefit from a seasonal refresh, too. All it takes is a quick splash of color, and we've got the perfect hue for you: pomegranate! Start with stylish [...…


3 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips to Master This Season

Who’s ready for a little Spring cleaning? Okay, we know it’s one of those not-so-favorite times of the year, but think of this essential task as the final thing standing between you and the season ahead. Thankfully, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Our three trusted tips ahead will make getting your pad in [...]…

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