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cassandra jones, macy's fashion office

Meet Cassandra Jones, Head of Macy’s Fashion Office

How do we know what trends are going to be hot before they even hit our stores? Because we work with the best trendspotter in the biz! Cassandra Jones and her team at the Macy’s Fashion Office are in charge of scouring the world for what’s about to be hot and bringing it straight to you, our customers. Get to know Cass…

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Everything You Need To Know About Macy’s Presents: The Edit

Dressing to impress on the regular is no easy task. What helps us get it done? Our trusted Fashion Directors. They travel the world (yes, the world!) visiting cities known for their couture and seek out best-in-class street style along with the hottest trends and tastemakers before word has gotten out. Then, they use t…


Got Someplace to Go? There’s a Navy Blazer for That

With Spring just around the corner, you can certainly expect that social calendar to start filling up. Though as you prep for the good times ahead, there's one bit of advice to keep in mind: The key to finding this season’s most versatile blazer is in navy hues. Office parties, lunch with friends, dinner for two… all i…


Fall Trend Report: An Air of Romance

We’re ushering in a new season with a feminine fashion trend that celebrates everything we love about fall. So, what’s filling our shopping bags? Ruffles, lace and dusky floral prints are a good place to start. As for accessories, our new motto is, “the more pearls, the better!” That said, now, couldn’t we all benefit …


A Day in the Life of Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Tom Douglas

Taste testings, staff trainings, developing new recipes… the responsibilities of a celebrity chef are far from your average 9-to-5 gig. Read on to get a glimpse at a day in the life of Chef Tom Douglas, one of the experts from the Macy’s Culinary Council. Between ten restaurants (yes, ten!), a farm and a family, [...]…


Are You Ready? Your Big Moment is One Hashtag Away!

Fab florals, pretty pastels, lighter layers… Spring can’t get here soon enough! But there’s waaaay more in store than just hot new fashions. We’re giving you the chance to show off your style on a billboard in the middle of Times Square! That’s right: YOUR photo in big, bright lights right here in NYC! Sound …


The Dorm Room Look You’ve Been Dreaming About

Attention, undergrads: No matter if it’s your first semester on campus or you and the roomie are heading back with that long-awaited senior status, we’ve got the perfect dorm room essentials to put the sweet in home sweet home. To help get you pumped for move-in day, we caught up with Karen and Amanda Zuckerman, [...]…


Genius Design Tricks for Maximizing Your Small Space

When square footage isn’t exactly on your side, making your apartment feel like home can be a little tricky — but not impossible. A bit of planning here and the right mix of color there is all you need to leave your nest looking bigger and better than ever. To get started on the right [...]…


Tour the Macy’s Accessories Design Studio

Macy’s Accessories Design Studio is literally where the magic happens. Here, some of fashion’s most creative minds conceptualize and develop jewelry, handbags and shoes for our exclusive brands like Bar III, INC International Concepts and more. To get the inside dish, we sat down for a one-on-one with Fashion Director …

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