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Take A Peek Inside Our Summer Beauty Bag

Counting down the days until summer? Us, too! And instead of longingly crossing days off the calendar, we’re distracting our sunshine-obsessed minds by building the ultimate summer beauty bag. Hot temperatures and splashing around the beach mean it’s time to switch up your regular makeup routine. Go ahead and take a pe…

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Beauty Essentials for Your New Year’s Eve Look

There’s a good chance everyone’s planning on rocking a sparkly dress and high heels to the last party of 2016 (or is it the first party of 2017?). However, one way you’re sure to stand stand out: gorgeous makeup. We put together a list of everything you need for a beautiful start to the New [...]…


Discover 104 Different Shades to Celebrate National Lipstick Day!

It’s National Lipstick Day loves, and this year I wanted to celebrate in a big way – 104 lipsticks big to be exact!!! So, from shades of nearly neon pink and brilliant blue, to a Bordeaux so rich it looks like caviar, I pulled together dozens of my fave pout-perfecting products and crafted a perf [...]…


All About Anastasia Beverly Hills

Too many years ago when I was training as a Makeup Artist in Cali, I was introduced to a “little brand” called Anastasia Beverly Hills. I remember my teacher taking me to visit their Flagship store and telling me if I only kept two brow products in my kit they should be Anastasia Beverly Hills [...]…

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