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Early Girl Gets the Coat: The 3 Trends Your Closet Needs Now

Don’t let the change in seasons get you down. A little retail therapy always makes saying goodbye to summer a whole lot easier. On our shopping list: coats to take on low temps in high style. And lucky for you, we have a sneak peek at three outerwear trends that are guaranteed to be hot, hot, hot this fall. We’re forge…


10 Fabulous Fall Pieces You’ll Want to Add to Your Wardrobe Right Now!

It has been said that September is the January of fashion, so we’re celebrating the sartorial New Year with a few style resolutions. First on our list: a closet refresher. Out with Summery sandals and sundresses and in with Fall’s hottest trends! Wondering just how to ring the new season with style? Here’s every item […


Punk Meets Grunge: A Style History from Fashion Rocks®

Truth: Music and fashion are two of culture’s most popular means of self-expression and it’s impossible not to recognize their influence over one another. From the tunes that fueled fashion crazes (Blue Suede Shoes, anyone?) to the artists whose style choices made them infamous (Hello, Gaga!), music and fashion are for…


5 Wardrobe Pieces Worth the Investment

Simply put, the best possible wardrobe is one that not only includes trendy, of-the-moment finds, but also classic, high-quality items you can wear year after year. So, in the spirit of being a savvy shopper, (Mom would be so proud), we’ve lined up the clothes, jewelry and accessories that are worth saving your hard-ea…

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