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Your Perfect Coffee Maker Does Exist!

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is always within reach. Depending on what you like to drink, there are unique coffee makers to help achieve coffee nirvana. We’re breaking down which machine you should get based on your caffeine preferences. We’ll cover it all here, you’ll just need to provide the cream and/or sugar……


Holiday Gift Guide: Last-Minute Gifts

Uh-oh… the big day’s right around the corner and you’re still scrambling to get a present for you know who! But hey, don’t sweat it — these last-minute lifesavers will help you wrap up your gifting needs in no time…even for those hard-to-shop-for types.     1. The Perfect Perk-Up A good cup of joe [...]…


Perk Up: It’s National Coffee Day!

Cappuccinos, espressos, lattes... you name it, we love it. And since it’s National Coffee Day, we’re bubbling with excitement about the latest brewers! Whether you’re up and at it at the crack of dawn or mortal enemies with your alarm clock, we’ve got the perfect on-call barista to start your morning off right.   …


Style Me Pretty’s Guide to a Yummy and Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Why not take a break from the stress of flower arrangements and seating charts and treat your future spouse to something truly special — a good, old fashioned breakfast in bed! To help you pull it off with style and flair, we tapped the experts on all things lovely, Style Me Pretty, for a few [...]…


Style Me Pretty Organizes Your Kitchen Cabinets

Who do we turn to when it’s time to kick the clutter? Our super-organized and creative friends at Style Me Pretty, of course. In this week’s From Registry to Reality update, the site’s home experts offer their handy tips and favorite products to help clean up your kitchen cabinets for good. Because all those registry […

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