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Dating and shopping are a lot alike. You have to spend some time searching before you find the perfect match, but when you do, it’s magic! This is just one of the reasons we here at mBLOG believe in keeping a well-stocked wardrobe of incredible first date outfits. Whether you’re meeting at your local cafe or enjoying a…

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The Best Fall Coat for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There’s nothing more satisfying than reading one’s own horoscope, particularly when it’s spot-on. Because let’s face it: there’s a lot of personality in all of us, and it’s interesting to see it summed up in a paragraph. What’s even more fun is allowing your sign’s qualities guide you to certain decisions in life (prim…

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Macy’s Fashion Directors on Spring’s Must Haves

Spring means starting over—out with the old, in with the new. Or as we like so say, “out with the old trends, in with the new fashion!” So, how exactly should you start rebuilding your wardrobe this season? We asked the style forecasters at Macy’s Fashion Office to give us the rundown on what’s guaranteed to be hot—for…


Sweatpants That Were Made for More Than Just Lazy Sundays

What’s not to love about sweatpants? Soft fabric and an elastic waistband, these beyond comfy bottoms always seemed destined for lazy days around the house… until now, that is. Our latest obsession: Sweatpants so stylish that you can wear them everywhere (not just on the couch). If you still don’t believe the hype, che…


6 Brands that Will Have You Falling in Love with Fall

The sun might be shining and a few last-minute trips to the beach are still in the future, but here at mBLOG, there’s no denying we’ve got a case of Fall fashion fever. From retro-inspired jumpsuits to thoroughly modern black and white color combos, the newest brand collections have us dreaming of cool breezes and [...…

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