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The Only Way to Pack for Spring Break

No more classes, no more books! Well, maybe just for a week, but that’s still cause to celebrate, right? Spring Break is all about gathering the BFFs and getting some well-deserved rest, relaxation and, of course, party time in a sunny locale. No wonder we can’t wait to pack our bags!…


The Ultimate Summer Weekend Style Guide

Finally, it’s the season we’ve all been waiting for… Happy First Day of Summer, folks! The sunshine, sea breezes and packed social calendars are officially upon us, but all we can think about is what to wear. To make sure there’s no closet confusion before heading out this action-packed weekend, we created a handy guid…


How to (Pool) Party Like a Rockstar

As summer plans start heating up, there’s one kind of celebration that’s got us more than a little excited — and that’s pool parties! Thanks to a perfect combination of cool beats, eye-catching swimsuits and super cute water toys, a poolside bash is always an automatic RSVP “Yes.” But let’s face it, no one knows [...]…


How to Plan Your Next Winter Getaway in Style

Who doesn’t want to chase their Winter blues all the way to a warm and beautiful locale? And if you’re lucky enough to be counting down the days until your tropical getaway, then it’s time to get packing. That suitcase isn’t going to fill it’s self, but we sure can help. Below, find some stylish [...]…


4 Ways to Yog-ify Your Summer

With a full social calendar this season (hello, beach trips and rooftop parties), you may have spent more time having fun than finding your Zen. But it’s never too late to get back into your yoga routine — especially when you find new and creative ways to perfect your poses. Below, find our five favorite [...]…


Bound for Glory: Honeymooning in Costa Rica

Spending all day on a gorgeous, sun-soaked beach sounds pretty much ideal, but add in a bit of adventure and breathtaking wildlife and you’ve got the perfect Costa Rican honeymoon. This Central American destination is becoming a hotspot for thrill-seeking and beach-loving couples. And once you learn about all the sight…


Summer Travel by the Numbers

Have you officially caught the Summer travel bug? Symptoms include feelings of extreme wanderlust, daydreaming of tropical locations and pining over friends’ globetrotting Instagrams. The good news is there’s a cure — one big dose of vacation! But before you bon voyage, brush up on everything you need to know about jet…


Next Stop: 4 Ways to Enjoy O’ahu Like a Local

Get ready to hang ten, because our American Icons journey is taking us to the sun-drenched shores of Oahu, Hawaii. While sporting the season’s hottest swimwear and seaside style, we explored picturesque island hotspots like Waikiki Beach, the North Shore and Diamond Head. Its as if every inch of this isle is filled wit…


Pack Your Bags: Clinton Kelly’s Honeymoon Guide

After the main event, there’s nothing like a little R&R for you and your new hubby. But there’s certainly nothing restful about scrambling to pack for the big getaway or realizing you forgot something important while you board the plane. Don’t you fret, because Clinton Kelly has a packing list tailor-made for your …


Spring Trend Alert: The Sea

If there’s one place every sightseer in Mexico just has to visit, it’s the beach! And with white sandy shores, stunning turquoise waters and historic sights, to boot, Tulum was the number one seaside spot on our list. Plus, it’s an idyllic landscape to show off Spring’s hottest swimwear. These new suits are sure to [..…

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