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How to Master the Nude Makeup Look

This spring, it’s all about going au naturel. We’re not talking about ditching makeup all together, but instead creating a look that’s so fresh and dewy, people may just wonder if you really did wake up like this. To pull off this light makeup look, we’re turning to makeup artist, Eman to teach us her gorgeous nude fac…


The 10 Brushes Every Girl Needs in Her Makeup Bag

One thing a painter and a makeup artist have in common: neither can create a masterpiece without the right brushes. So, isn’t it time you stocked your beauty bag like a pro? The correct tools for the trade will help you get the most out of all your amazing makeup for a beauty look like never before. To make sure you’re…

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All About That Base: The Ultimate Foundation Guide

At times, the search for the perfect foundation can feel like trying to find cell signal at a music festival — it’s not gonna happen. But, there is a foolproof way to figure out which base is best for you: bring it back to basics. Below, we break down each type of foundation, highlight which [...]…

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How to Do The Most Natural Looking Nude Makeup — Ever!

Makeup that’s meant to look like you’re not wearing any makeup may sound like an oxymoron or an impossible beauty riddle, but the on-trend nude look isn’t a hopeless task, after all. In fact, a natural face actually means fewer products, fewer steps and a pretty easy getting ready routine. The trick? Knowing just which…

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Lip Glossary: A Guide to Every Lipstick Type

Truth: There are almost as many varieties of lipsticks as there are flavors of froyo. So, to help you decode of all these pretty little lip finishes and to learn how to wear them, we created the ultimate Lip Glossary. Read on to learn exactly which lippies you should be stocking your beauty bag with… [...]…


7 On-The-Go Beauty Essentials to Help You Look Gorge & Pack Light!

Happy almost 4th of July! Whether you’re prepping for a weekend getaway or planning to hit the road later this summer, I know packing up all of your beauty essentials can be a total pain. To help simplify things and lighten your load, I’ve pulled together 7 multi-tasking travel products that will help get you [...]…


Tonya’s Fave Finds – February Edition

Currently I’ve got a serious case of the blahs! I feel like winter is never going to end, my skin is perpetually dry, and I’m really wishing I could go back to a time when Spring Break (aka guaranteed sun & surf) was baked into my schedule. You feel me, right? I think late February [...]…


20 Black Friday Beauty Deals for $20 and Under!

Happy holidays (officially)! I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family, friends, plenty of food, and most important, time to feel thankful. Now that the food coma has worn off, it’s Black Friday and time to snag some of the best beauty deals of the season. To help, I’ve pulled together 20 Black Friday beauties [.…


10 Perfect Palettes, Plus How to Snag Urban Decay’s New NAKED on the Run!

One of the many things I love about the holiday season is all the amazing makeup palettes that come out. Whether you’re looking for eyes only, all-inclusive, or the hottest trend of the season, contouring, there’s a perfectly curated compact to meet your every beauty need! And believe me, that’s not an easy thing to [.…


Talking Food, Family, Fashion & Beauty with Kika Rocha

The calendar may say Hispanic Heritage Month ended a few days ago, but I’m extending the celebration! Quite simply, I couldn’t pass up a chance to chat with my gorge friend Kika Rocha. A former Fashion and Beauty Editor for People en Español, Kika now has her own blog De Tacones y Mas, appears on [...]…

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