How to Pick The Perfect Shades for Your Face Shape

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After spending all that time contouring or strobing your face to enhance its natural angles, you might as well top it off with the perfect pair of shades to keep things cohesive, n’est ce pas? Here, we’ve broken down a list of our favorite sunnies of the moment into a cheat sheet designed to help you pick the perfect pair for your face. Because if we’ve learned anything from celebrities, it’s that the right shades can make you look like a star.


rectangular sunglasses
rectangular sunglasses

If you’re among the Scarlett Johanssons of the world with slightly wider cheekbones in contrast to a narrow chin and temples, you’ll want to opt for something rectangular in order to complement those prominent cheekbones.


aviator, sunglasses, ray ban
aviator, sunglasses, ray ban

Perhaps the most easily identifiable silhouette, the heart shape can actually benefit from mimicry versus offset (Reese Witherspoon included). You will, however, want to pay attention to the weight of the shades as they pertain to your features – for instance, if you’re on the daintier side, go for fine rims and hardware, while those with stronger lines should choose something heavier, and so on. Aviators are always an excellent option for heart-shaped faces.


cat-eye, sunglasses
cat-eye, sunglasses

Oval and oblong face shapes have it made. Being the most versatile of the bunch, all you Sarah Jessica Parkers and Olivia Munns with your symmetry and long vertical lines from forehead to jaw enjoy fair game when it comes to playing around with interesting sunglass silhouettes.


wayfarer sunglasses, ray-ban
wayfarer, sunglasses, ray ban

If the sides of your face slope slightly outward with a soft, rounded chin (like that of Michelle Williams), you’re in round territory. Avoid circular shapes and go the square or Wayfarer route to balance your look with defined angular lines.


curved sunglasses
curved sunglasses

For those of you with a square face shape defined by angular lines at the jaw and temple (think Olivia Wilde), frames with curved corners are your friends. They should also extend past the widest part of your face to add a bit of dimension.


round sunglasses
round sunglasses, vogue

Like Minnie Driver’s, faces with a slightly widened jaw that narrows toward the temple area can either be softened by rounded sunnies or enhanced by shades of the square variety. Or go with both – it’s always good to have options.

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