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Once upon a time, it was rare to see snapshots of a celebrity walking around in her gym clothes. After all, standard PR protocol dictated that stars be dressed to the nines when in the public (a.k.a. paparazzi) view. (One must never be caught looking a mess!) But in recent years, we’ve begun to see tons of spandex-clad starlets out and about. Why? Because the entire activewear game has changed, girl! Follow the lead of these famous leading ladies and you, too, can look photo-worthy pre, during, and post-spin class in the latest figure-flattering designs.







First thing’s first, you’ll need a cool tee. In my opinion, a fitted V-neck style is the best. And, the cotton fabrication of this Style & Co. option is a total workhorse. It will get you through your workout in style as well as comfort. (This is key!)







My pick for pants is the capri-length legging. They look good on everyone, and I just love their versatility. They’re ideal for basically every sport or activity, including my personal favorite, chasing after my daughter.






Another crucial component? Great sneakers. Trust me, don’t be tempted to skimp or compromise when it comes to shopping for the right pair of running shoes. I’m crazy about lightweight, colorful sneakers right now. And, as every movie star worth her publicist knows, you can perfect your look without surrendering comfort and safety as you exercise. 


Now, for the final touch: the high ponytail or bun! (Totally chic, but more importantly, these types of ‘dos will keep your hair out of your face so you can focus on getting your sweat on.) Cheers to the modern age – may fitness never lose sight of fashion again!


– Aimee





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  1. I agree with all of the above and would add that clingy T-shirts are the WORST for plus-size women, outlining every bulge and roll. A V neckline can’t help that! And leggings/capris?? OMG. Too hot to wear in summer AND unattractive on anybody but a model. An apt point made above: Who writes this stuff?? I also agree that it’s patronizing in the extreme. Macy’s, you can do better, and should.

  2. Why does everything written for women have to be this glad-handed PR celeb-speak tripe? You don’t find people feeding BS like this to male shoppers. I agree with the previous commenters here – capris look terrible on almost everybody. Give me a break!

  3. Horizontal stripes on "women with curves"? I don’t think so… Nothing like accentuating the negative on "mature" women.

  4. I know, right?!  This blogger can’t be a fashionista but a copywriter tasked with selling Macy’s products de jour.  Capris are a bad idea on almost everyone, especially those of us who shop above a size 6.  It looks as though we couldn’t afford the rest of our pants, or that if our ankles are exposed that will keep us cool like shorts.  What we really need is a pair of leggings with built-in spankz-like firmness all the way down through the thighs.  And thick/dense material counts too…in case you didn’t know (you who rides your bike to the cafe every morning) and just because your leggings are black doesn’t mean we can’t see through to your underwear and what-nots (lady in my yoga class).  Another problem with leggings is that even black doesn’t deter cellulite from making every moment in line behind you an intimate one (she who wears leggings to the grocery store).  In other words, as curvy consumers – which this blog is supposed to address – the very LAST thing we need is a pair of capri leggings.

  5. Amen to what Micke said. Capris look awful on just about everyone. They visually make your legs look shorter than they are. Who writes this stuff?

  6. Capris do NOT look good on everyone. Wake up! And most people who look like the women in the photos will lookmgood in practically anything! There’s a whole world of other body shapes and sizes– and ages! — out there!

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