Which Spring Scent is Right for You?

spring fragrances

Spring has brought us warm weather, fresh flowers and new fragrances from some of our favorite designers. But how can you tell just which perfume is perfect for you? Take our quiz to decode your personality type and the fragrances that fit it best. And don’t worry, with this test there’s never a wrong answer!

spring fragrances

1. Your favorite shoe in your closet is…

A. Strappy sandals
B. Block-heel pumps
C. Ballet flats
D. Black stilettos

2. Where would you go on your dream vacation?

A. Sydney
B. New York City
C. Paris
D. Miami

3. The best thing about spring is…

A. Spending time outside
B. Getting to show off my new wardrobe
C. All the beautiful blooms
D. Finally getting to show some skin

4. What’s your got-to beauty look?

A. Natural as can be
B. Bold brows and a red lip
C. Pink lips and long lashes
D. A mysterious smoky eye

spring fragrances

Invigorating, nature-inspired fragrances with fruity notes speak to your bubbly and carefree spirit. Try new Kenzo World eau de parfum, a dynamic floral scent featuring peony and jasmine.

kenzo world
spring fragrances

Your bold and chic style speaks to floral fragrances that use a single flower or a bouquet to define their signature. New Dior Poison Girl eau de toilette is daring and refined—just like you.

dior poison girl
spring fragrances

A hopeless romantic like yourself loves a scent that blends feminine florals with provocative fruity notes. There’s no more fitting fragrance for you than Tory Burch Love Relentlessly eau de parfum, a sparkling mix of fruits and flowers that was inspired by the designer’s parents.

tory burch love relentlessly
spring fragrances

Full-bodied, sensual fragrances that are darker in color and use notes of vanilla, amber and incense capture your alluring nature. Spritz on Carolina Herrera Good Girl eau de parfum for an evocative hint of coffee, almond and cocoa.

carolina herrera good girl

Explore even more of the season’s best scents at macys.com

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