Smart Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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As New Yorkers, we’re no strangers to teeny, tiny spaces that we call home. In fact, it’s quite common to have your living room be a part of your bedroom or be met with a kitchenette upon entering your apartment foyer. However, regardless of where you live, if your quarters are not as grand as you’d like them to be, there are still ways to get the space you crave. Below, a few tips and tricks to help you get started…

Look for 
Multi-functional Pieces

Investing in furniture that serves many functions is a simple way to maximize a small space, whether that means purchasing a storage bench that doubles as an ottoman or adding a set of high bar stools that strategically tuck under your kitchen countertop to establish a dining nook. Now’s the time to get creative and explore beyond the recommended uses for things!

Think Big

When decorating small spaces, having one prominent furniture piece such as a statement sofa or a statement loveseat will keep the room open and uncluttered. Sounds a bit ironic, but lots of small furniture and knick-knacks can be confining. Another good idea, particularly in studios, is to use rugs or an open bookshelf to help define areas.

multifunctional furniture, small space furniture, small space design

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Make Use of Wall Space

While dark colors may make for fun accent walls, they can often cause a room to feel smaller by absorbing light instead of reflecting it. Sticking with a neutral color palette, such as creams, whites and pale grays will immediately expand your space visually, plus offer an airy vibe. As for those walls that aren’t wide enough to add furniture, they’re actually the perfect place to create a gallery of your favorite frames and canvases. Mirrors are also a great option for giving the illusion of depth because of how they reflect natural and artificial light.

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