Shop the Room: Relaxed and Rustic Boudoir

Now that Old Man Winter has finally shown up to the party, it’s important that your crib is in optimal cozy mode for what could be a long ride ahead. Before you break out an extra throw blanket and call it a day, allow these tranquilly chic home trends to get you (and your home) totally prepped for hibernation season.

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1. Linen comforters and shams add a relaxed, inviting feel to your room that’ll make the bed your new favorite place in the house.
2. Organic elements, be it distressed wooden furnishings or lush greenery, will give your space a little life (not to mention, a lot of rustic cool points).
3. Geometric patterns are key for making an eye-catching statement. Comfy throw pillows or a standout accent rug are excellent places to start.
4. Mixing together calming shades of blue with neutrals, like tan or white, leaves your room with a serene vibe that’ll last all season long.
5. Glass accents — think votives, vases and bowls — make your penchant for chic décor crystal clear.
Featured: Hotel Collection Linen Stripe bedding; Safavieh Hyde wood side table; Hotel Collection Spruce linen square decorative pillows; Hotel Collection bath towels MicroCotton® collection; Iittala Ruutu vases.

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