Shop the Farmers’ Market Like a Pro with the Help of Chef Rick Bayless

Ready to freshen things up in the kitchen? Now’s the perfect time of year to roam your local farmers’ market in search of the tastiest treasures around. Whether you’re all about succulent produce or on the hunt for savory herbs and spices, there are tons of great homegrown goods ripe for the picking. Here with a few words of advice on what to look for during your next market excursion, Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Rick Bayless…


Poblano Peppers
“It’s red poblano season, and there’s no time to hesitate. These beauties are only around for a few weeks, so if you find ’em, grab ’em!”




Fresh Herbs
“Also, this is the time to buy herbs for drying. Choose hearty options like rosemary and thyme, tie them in a bundle and hang them in your kitchen. When they’re dry and crumble easily, they’re ready.”

Now that you’ve gotten a bit of expert advice, it’s time to get started. But before you go, take a look at this mouthwatering dish from Rick. You just may want to jot down the ingredients so you know exactly what to pick up on your trip!




Directions for the herb seasoning:
Set a dry skillet over medium heat. Lay in the unpeeled garlic cloves and chiles. Roast, turning frequently, until soft and blotchy brown in spots (about 10 minutes for the chiles and 15 minutes for the garlic). Allow time to cool enough to handle comforatbly, then slip the skins off the garlic, pull stems off the chiles and roughly chop (no need to remove the seeds). Place in a food processor along with the cilantro (about 1 cup if packed), parsley (about 1 cup if packed), oil and 2 generous teaspoons of salt. Process until nearly smooth (it will be pasty). Scrape into a storage container and refrigerate until serving time.




Directions for the ceviche:
In a large bowl, whisk together the lime juice and ½ cup of the herb seasoning (cover and refrigerate the remainder for another preparation). Add the fish and cucumber, and stir to combine. To blend the flavors, cover and refrigerate for a half hour (for best results, no more than an hour). Taste and season with a little more lime juice or salt if you think necessary, gently stir in the avocado (save out a little for garnish if you want), then serve on lettuce leaf-lined plates or martini glasses.



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