How to Set the Perfect Easter Table

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And just like that, Easter is right around the corner! Hosting this year? Whether it’s a small group of friends or the entire fam, a festive brunch is sure to be a crowd pleaser. In addition to the food and the drinks, your table can help set the tone of the meal! Don’t know where to start? We’ve put together an easy how-to on setting the perfect tablescape below.



Since we’re setting the table for Easter brunch, naturally we went with a pastel color palette—sticking with shades of pinks, blues and grays in varying opaqueness. Opting for three to four colors elevates the whole table and tells the story of spring.

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Table runners and cloth napkins are the unifying elements that complete the look of your table. It’s up to you if you want to use a tablecloth, a table runner, placemats or a combination of the three. Cloth napkins should always be folded or put into a napkin ring and placed to the left of the forks or on the center of the dinner plate. For a more casual affair, like our brunch, a folded napkin under the forks is totally acceptable!

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For a casual afternoon meal, we chose a fun, bunny-printed, Easter-inspired salad plate to sit atop a scalloped dinner plate for added texture. Hosting something a bit more formal? Get out the china! Depending on your menu, you might use all of your dinnerware: a first-course salad plate or soup bowl, a bread plate and a dinner plate.

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Only put out the flatware your guests will be using. So if you’re not serving soup, then don’t put the soup spoon out. Forks are always on the left of the dinner plate with the salad fork on the far left, while the dinner knife belongs on the right side of the plate, (with the blade facing inward). Spoons for soup and or dessert go to the right of the knife. It’s all starting to make sense, right? Everything is placed in the order that they will be used!

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Glasses are placed above and to the right of the plates. To add a little playfulness, we went with clear pink drinkware to play off the color of the rosé. Remember, wine glasses are set to the right in which they will be used (just like everything else). And dessert wine glasses can be brought out if and when dessert is served.

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Now to our favorite part! Get creative with flowers, cake stands, decorative eggs and bunnies to tie the whole look together. We placed decorative eggs on a small dessert stand and flowers on a larger cake stand as the focal point of the table. The different colors and textures combined bring uniqueness and add the finishing touch for an Easter themed brunch. P.S. Make sure your centerpiece isn’t too tall, otherwise it’ll get in the way of your guests’ line of sight.

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