Score High Marks at Your Next Cookout with These Grilled Desserts



Move over hot dogs and hamburgers, grilling just got a whole lot sweeter. You guessed it, we’re talking about none other than deliciously rich and warm desserts hot off the ‘cue… 




Think it’s impossible to have a grilled pie? Well, you’re half right. While it’s not likely you would toss an entire pie on the grill, you can grill the ingredients! A prime example? Peach pie. Searing the fruit before you bake it in the oven will help it to caramelize and add extra flavor.






Another sweet idea? Moisten ripe, peeled bananas with water or rum and roll them in brown sugar. Once cooked, add a scoop of creamy Greek yogurt, topped with toasted walnuts and honey for the perfect summer parfait.






Break out your panini press (hey, it’s still a grill!) and prep your palete for some crispy, gooey awesomeness. All you need are two slices of brioche bread and a few of your favorite fillings like hazelnut spread and marshmallows. Lightly butter the outside of the sandwich, put it in the machine and out comes a melt-in-your-mouth treat.





Fired up to make these amazing desserts? When you do, take a pic and show us on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @macys! 




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