Santa Claus On What It Truly Means to Believe

Believing is what makes everyone equal. Boys and girls, moms and dads, young and old, rich and poor—none of the things that separate people can separate those who believe. So in the spirit of the holiday season, I hope everyone will remember this…

For the last 119 years, since 1897, one of my favorite descriptions of what it means to believe comes from that New York Sun editor’s famous reply to little Virginia O’Hanlon’s letter. I actually know Virginia’s family and I’ve met Virginia’s great-granddaughter, Mehren O’Hanlon Blair, who lives now in Vermont, several times. She’s real—just like ME!

That editor wrote that if on Christmas Eve, your papa hired men to look in all the chimneys and they didn’t see Santa Claus, that wouldn’t mean there isn’t a Santa Claus…because the most real things in the world like faith, hope and love, are things that men cannot see.

You see, children live in beautiful, special worlds created for them by their parents, teachers and those who love them. But unlike their parents aren’t yet subject to mere rules of nature and science. They see, feel and hear things that adults have forgotten, like in the The Polar Express, when only the children who believe hear the bell’s sweet sound. Their Christmas memories remain irreplaceable and precious all their lives. What children believe when they’re young are the reasons why as adults, Christmas means so much or, as the old adage puts it, “just like the ones we used to know.”

All of the special moments and people in our lives help us believe because they become a part of us. For this reason, Christmas, Santa and the holiday season are inextricably linked because of our memories. It is our memories and what we see and feel in our minds and in our hearts that enable us to believe. To believe we need both our minds and our hearts: our minds provide us with images while our feelings live in our hearts.

Remember in the Miracle on 34th Street, I remind everyone that there are many nations, the American nation, the English nation but the MOST important is the IMAGINATION! In our imaginations, everything good we hope for can happen if we believe.

After Christmas each year, the beautiful tree and colorful decorations are taken down but they don’t necessarily disappear. Instead, they become even more beautiful and permanent as part of our memories. It no longer physically stands there, but in our mind’s eye we remember how that tree lit up that corner of the room. Sight is a faculty but seeing is an art.

To believe raises the curtain on our day-to-day lives, revealing all the joy, hope and glamour from our youth, forever preserved in our minds and in our hearts. Those who never forget are those who stay young no matter how many years may pass.

To believe in something elevates and honors it; to believe in someone reminds them they’re special and that they’ll never be alone; and, most of all, to believe in yourself protects you from the world outside so that the little child still inside us knows they’ll always be safe, special and LOVED.

And therein lies the magic of what it truly means to believe.

Macy’s has always believed in Santa…

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  1. Dear Santa I hope you doing okay but I want to ask you for something that I wish for I want help with my wish I want 2 get money that I’ve been asking for MyHealth can’t pay all my bills and to get gift for the people that I love and people who need I wish I could give her a lot but I can because I’m disabled and it’s hard for me to get everything that I want but I know in my heart with God help I’m getting what I want so I could give and pay all my bills thank you Sam to listen have to get myself a computer

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