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When capturing a new season of amazing fashion trends, you can’t use just any ordinary background. So, this fall we took to New York’s Storm King Art Center, a beautiful outdoor sculpture park, to bring these new looks to life. The result: Gorgeous photos that combine the best of art and fashion. Plus, we chatted with the Art Center’s Director and Chief Curator David Collens all about the location’s distinct landscape and rich history.

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092916_fash_storm_king-img002  The sculpture park served as the backdrop  for our Fall Fashion shoot. What makes this location so unique?

092916_fash_storm_king-img003   The combination of a beautiful landscape and outdoor sculpture is extraordinary and what makes people love come to see Storm King from all over the world. We had 108,000 visitors last year from the New York region and well beyond. People walk around the grounds, rent bikes, visit the café and enjoy the different educational programs on the weekends.

Photo taken on location at Storm King Art Center, New Windsor, NY. Alexander Calder The Arch 1975 © 2016 Calder Foundation, New York/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

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092916_fash_storm_king-img002   The sculpture park served as the backdrop for our Fall Fashion shoot. What makes this location so unique?

092916_fash_storm_king-img003    It started in 1960 and was founded by Ted Ogden and Peter Stern. They started with working on the landscape and having some indoor exhibits. Ted Ogden saw the outdoor sculptures of an Austrian artist that were collected in a quarry, purchased them and put them outside at Storm King. They looked very interesting in our unique space in a valley between two mountains, so the collection began to expand over the years. Ogden purchased 13 works by David Smith in 1967 and it is still wonderful to see his sculptures today, outdoors and in natural light.

Photos taken on location at Storm King Art Center. Mark di Suvero, Jambalaya, 2002-2006. ©Mark di Suvero, courtesy of the artist and Spacetime C.C. David von Schlegell Untiteld, 1972

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092916_fash_storm_king-img002   As the director and chief curator, what do you look for when adding new pieces to the park?

092916_fash_storm_king-img003    It is a slow process and we have several of us that look into the artistic direction of Storm King. We certainly like to expand on occasion with artists that are not already in the collection to broaden the selection of sculpture that we have outdoors. We also look to commission artists to do work. We want to find artists that are going to complement the large collection we have and really understand this landscape.

092916_fash_storm_king-img002  Do you have a favorite sculpture?

092916_fash_storm_king-img003     I have the advantage of seeing the sculptures in all weather conditions and that is terrific. Whether it’s blue skies and sunshine, snowy or rainy, the sculptures are really wonderful in all kinds of weather conditions. I don not have a favorite because it is so enjoyable to walk around at different times of the day and see the sculptures and the landscape in different lighting. The shadows from the evening light are very interesting in contrast to the morning or in the afternoon, so we really want people to experience the park at different times.

Photo taken on location at Storm King Art Center, New Windsor, NY. Alexander Liberman Iliad, 1974-76 © The Alexander Liberman Trust

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092916_fash_storm_king-img002   Who are some of the most notable artists who have contributed to the park?

092916_fash_storm_king-img003     We have three wonderful, large commission sculptures by Maya Lin, Andy Goldworthy and Richard Serra that a lot of people come up to Storm King to see. As well as works by Mark di Suvero, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Alice Aycock, Claes Oldenburg and Alexander Calder from an earlier generation of artists that have worked at Storm King. It is really nice to see a wide cross-section of modern and contemporary sculpture.


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