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Alright all my nail art enthusiasts, have you heard about Nail It!, the coolest, newest & trendiest mag around? I mean talk about dream come true, a gorge glossy dedicated to delivering the latest and greatest on all-things lacquer – Yes please! Macy’s recently teamed up with this trendsetting pub to hold nail art events at a few of our Cali locations. Sadly, I couldn’t be on both coasts at the same time so I did the next best thing and got how-tos straight from Nail It! Editor-In-Chief, Stephanie Lavery. Here, a step-by-step on recreating this beachy color blocked design.    


What butter LONDON’s Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Hughes, learned about me at NYFW, Stephanie Lavery doesn’t yet know. I’m kind of a closet nail artist. “Closet” as in normally you won’t see intricate art decking out my digits, but when given a design to recreate I go a little Rain Man. The perfectionist part of me can’t quite put down the bottles until I’ve mastered a look. So, when this how-to came with an * that read, “Once you have the technique down, you can add shapes all over the nail, changing up the design to fit your nails and personality,” you can probably guess what happened. Rather than following the exact steps, I got the technique down and did my own thing. Here’s how:




 Step 1 – I recommend starting with butter LONDON’s Flawless Basecoat before applying two coats of a teal or turquoise lacquer. I used Poole here on my niece’s nails. Allow the polish to dry before adding any designs or the Rain Man in you won’t like it when the colors swirl together in a messy, not so pretty way. 










Step 2 – Using a thin striping brush, paint brush or even a toothpick, paint two zigzags on each nail with a gold metallic polish like Marbs. Then carefully fill in the space between the lines to create a solid gilded design.









Step 3 – Again, with a thin brush, use a coral lacquer similar to Jaffa to create identical zigzags on the nail. Or, draw on your own organic shapes like I did. Fill either design in for a color blocked finish. Allow everything to dry for a bit, then finish with P.D Quick Topcoat.


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