Modern Musings Pt 1: Model Mom Arizona Muse on Estee Lauder & Advice for Aspiring Models

Estee Lauder’s latest Spokesmodel Arizona Muse may not consider herself a “muse” just yet, but I’d say most women would find the naturally gorgeous model and successful single mother more than a little inspiring. In Part 1 of this interview series, Arizona shares her thoughts on Modern Muse (the already award-winning fragrance!), her personal inspirations & a little career advise…

Q. This is your first campaign for Estée Lauder. How did it feel to shoot Modern Muse in the iconic Guggenheim?

A. It was so amazing. I grew up with art, because my father is an art dealer. But it was amazing to spend the day in the Guggenheim, and we now have photographic proof of it too!


Q. What do you think of the final campaign and the new Modern Muse fragrance? 

A. I am so excited! I think it is beautiful and it is so special for me to represent a fragrance. It’s a true honor – especially because we share the same name.

I love the fragrance because it has a duality to it. It is feminine yet strong. The woods give it a richness, but it also has a lightness with the florals. It is now my signature scent – of course!

Arizona Main

Q. What’s your idea of a modern muse? And, who do you consider iconic muses?

A. My idea of a modern muse is someone who is confident, stylish and inspiring to others. A modern muse is in charge of her life and happy.

I think Joan of Arc is iconic. She was a woman who maintained her femininity but was strong enough to lead an army of men into battle. I also think of all the models before me as muses, particularly Carolyn Murphy. She has been in the industry for so long and has had such a long career with Estée Lauder. I find that really inspiring. And Angelina Jolie. She is beautiful, talented, she protects her children, which as a mother is so important for me, and she gives so much back.

Q. Any personal muses, or who most inspires you?

A. I’d say my personal muses are my friends and my mum!

The person I find most inspiring is my son. And mothers around the world. We all have a mother and they always have the best advice and do so much for everyone else. They are very inspiring.


Q. What is your favorite thing about motherhood?


A. Watching my son grow and hearing how he thinks. Bed time is my favorite time with him because it is the only time during the day that he is still! I love listening to what he talks about.

Q. How do you juggle being a single mom and modeling?

A. It is really hard. You have to find a balance. I like to take Nikko with me when I can. Motherhood has brought so much to my life and I wouldn’t change anything. But sometimes it is challenging and I am lucky to have great support from family and friends.

Q. Best advice from your mother?

A. Always be kind and understanding of others.

Q. Finally, what advice do you have for other girls wanting to become a model?

A. Just be yourself, be confident and nice to others.

Want more? Watch for Part 2 of our interview where Arizona dishes on her fave products and beauty tips!

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