Meet Cassandra Jones, Head of Macy’s Fashion Office

cassandra jones, macy's fashion office

How do we know what trends are going to be hot before they even hit our stores? Because we work with the best trendspotter in the biz! Cassandra Jones and her team at the Macy’s Fashion Office are in charge of scouring the world for what’s about to be hot and bringing it straight to you, our customers. Get to know Cassandra and learn about her incredible work in the interview, below.

starmBLOGTell us about your love for fashion.

starCJFashion is such an incredible way to express yourself. I love how you can create a statement through your wardrobe and feel good about yourself.

As a small town girl from Huron, South Dakota, working in fashion has taught me to never stop dreaming and you can do anything you set your mind to. The possibilities are endless! I have worked in various aspects of the fashion business, from merchandising to sourcing. At Macy’s, I started as a men’s merchant and climbed the ranks to work on various brands including Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, INC International Concepts and Vince Camuto. Now, I’m the Head of Macy’s Fashion Office.

macy's fashion office, cassandra jones
macy's fashion office, nyfw, alice + olivia

Images from New York Fashion Week,  just one of the places Cassandra and her team look for upcoming fashion trends.

starmBLOGWhat excites you most about your role as the Head of Macy’s Fashion Office?

starCJFirst, I love that we dress America and that we make lives shine brighter. I believe that we don’t just sell a product; we sell emotions. It’s about the feeling and confidence people get in our clothes. Second, I love my team and what we do. It is so thrilling to travel the world to bring back exciting ideas and concepts that we can deliver to our customers.

starmBLOG Tell us about your personal taste, current fascinations and latest obsessions.

starCJ As a mother of two, I try to find the balance between quick, easy looks, fabulousness and minimalism. For example, you’ll most likely catch me rockin’ a backpack, because it’s the perfect mix of practicality and style. I always try to be my authentic self and stick to a simple palette of millennial pink, black, navy and khaki.

I am obsessed with health and wellness and I’m really into taking care of myself. That includes cooking all of my own food and a lot of Soul Cycle.

I am also fascinated and inspired by different cultures, the people I meet, and how they interact with one another.

cassandra jones, macy's fashion office

Check out the amazing work Cassandra and her team at the Fashion Office have done in bringing the hottest trends and latest styles to Macy’s at

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful job you do for us! I love Macy’s, It’s a feeling I get when I walk in the door. Macy’s is my happy place!

  2. You rock, Cassie! As your fifth grade teacher I am so proud of you and impressed with your success. Your determination to be the best you can be and to follow your dreams is exemplary for the many young girls in Huron. I can’t wait to share your story with my current students. Take care! Kelly Rotert

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