Make the Most of Your Summer with Our Warm Weather Bucket List

Who says the New Year is the only time for resolutions? This summer, we’ve got quite an agenda to tackle, so here’s hoping our warm weather wish list is as inspirational to you as it was fun for us to dream up.

1. Plan the perfect picnic party

2. Finish an entire book in one sitting on the beach or by the pool

3. Go on an epic summer road trip 

4. Master the grill 

5. Learn some astrological facts and stare at the stars all night

6. Order takeout and lounge in cute pajamas while binge-watching Netflix (rainy day plan)

7. Take yourself on a solo date featuring all your favorite things

8. Donate old clothes and then treat yourself to a shopping spree

9. Learn a new skill (competitive juggling, anyone?)

10. Experiment with fun, bold lip colors 

beauty, makeup, Lancome

11. Try new recipes 

12. Host a cocktail gathering

13. Go glamping 

14. Take a personal day to do absolutely nothing

15. Go on a hike with your best friend

16. Treat yourself to a funky pair of shades 

17. Get your fitness on and try a new class

18. Stock up on produce and local goodies at the farmer’s market

19. Pop open a bottle of champagne for no particular reason

20. Do a mini photoshoot with the gang

21. Wander around a museum for hours

22. Listen to old ’90s boy band hits while researching reunion tours

23. Get dressed up and go somewhere fancy

24. Book a spa day with someone special

25. Hunt down some cheap tickets and go see a show

26. Throw it back with some old school shoes

27. Glow your way through the entire season

28. Crochet your own swimsuit. Or just buy this one 

29. Channel your inner yogi 

30. Have the best summer of your life!

Head to for all your summer essentials.

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