Lighten Up! Start Your Juicer!


Some kitchen tools are more useful than others: When it comes to owning your own personal juicer, this couldn’t be truer! We’re not just talking utility in the kitchen sense…no, we’re talking in the whole body sense! With a juicer, you can start yourself on a regimen of healthy, homemade juices that may help alleviate just about any health issue (and lose some lbs in the process!) So, kick off the New Year with a new routine by making delicious juices and “lighten up!”



Did you know you can naturally fight bacterial infections with the power of Mother Nature? It’s true! Vegetables like broccoli and garlic are super rich in sulfur compounds that fight the harmful effects of bacteria by inhibiting some bacterial growth in the body. Try adding garlic, cauliflower or broccoli to your daily beet juice ‘cocktail’ and fight bacterial infections all winter long!



Some fruits and veggies even have the power to fight bodily inflammation like swelling or pain. People who suffer from arthritis may become especially fond of juices that contain pineapple, carrots and even the Indian spice turmeric, as they all contain inflammation-fighting compounds.



The next time you feel a little sleepy, skip the morning joe! Rather than loading up on cup after cup of caffeine, try a more natural approach to waking up. Chlorophyll-rich veggies like spinach and kale (or any green veg for that matter) are great at oxygenating the blood stream, causing you to feel more awake and alive. Try swapping out two cups of coffee for our “Wake-Me-Up” juice every day…you’ll be off caffeine in no time!




Follow the instructions on your juicer for each fruit and vegetable to ensure the best end product. Serve cold and enjoy fresh!


NOTE: The benefits of juicing are maximized when using the freshest fruits and vegetables you can find. If; however, you do need to save your ingredients for a rainy day, store them the right way so they keep their freshness!



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