Let’s Talk Scents! My one-on-one Chat with Golden Boy Michael Kors

Just as this past NYFW kicked off, Michael Kors hosted a party at New York City’s famed Boom Boom Room to celebrate the launch of his latest Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection. From the gorge carpet arrivals of beauties like Kate Upton, Alessandra Ambrosio, and even Naomi Campbell (I died!) to his surprise musical guest Duran Duran (I died – again!), the evening was unforgettable! But the most memorable part for me was definitely having the opportunity to chat with Michael Kors himself.

I mean, who doesn’t l-o-v-e Michael Kors, right?!?! I can remember buying my first Kors handbag, a bright turquoise  beauty I probably still have stashed away, and don’t even get me started on my devotion to Project Runway! Needless to say, I’m a fan, and finally meeting the man behind the brand did not disappoint. We dished on everything from beach life and loving the smell of Bain de Soleil to pairing up famed Studio 54 divas like Diana Ross and Bianca Jagger with each of his solid gold scents. Read on for our full interview, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be left with an uncontrollable urge to seriously up your glam factor this fall! xx

You always have a specific inspiration for your fashion collections. How is the creative process different for fragrances?

Michael Kors: I think with fragrance it’s about evoking a mood. That’s the big thing. With clothes and accessories it’s much more specific. You know, you have to deal with body, and with shoes – can I walk in them? With a bag – can I find my phone? With a watch – can I actually see the time? With glasses – are they great on my face? Fragrance is all about, how do you evoke a mood. That’s really what I like to do when we design fragrances.

I think scents can also evoke memories and emotions. Do you have any favorite scents from growing up?

Michael Kors: Suntan lotion! I mean, I grew up going to the beach like crazy and everyone wore Bain de Soleil. When I smell it, I feel like a kid again.

gold fragrances

For your new Gold Fragrances, what sort of mood or emotions were you trying to capture?

Michael Kors: We really thought about the metals and what I think they represent to women. When you’re wearing rose gold you’re feeling a little romantic. There’s something that’s romantic and soft about it. When you’re wearing yellow gold it’s just, notice me, I’m glamorous, watch out here I come. And, white gold has this very kind of crisp, sporty, clean thing about it. That’s really what I wanted to capture that with these fragrances.

Mixing metals is such a hot trend. Does that carryover? Were you thinking about these fragrances being layered?

Michael Kors: Love, love, love the trend! I’m all mixed metals tonight! I think with the fragrances it’s more mood than layering. It’s just what mood you’re in. I know women who have more than three moods in a day, that’s for sure!

Do you have any rules for wearing gold? 

Michael Kors: Not really. I love it mixed, and I don’t think you can ever have too much!


This collection is very Studio 54, and you’ve often talked about loving the glamour of that time. What Studio 54 diva would you match with each of the scents?

Michael Kors: It’s my favorite time!!! I’d probably go Diana Ross. She’d be with the yellow gold for sure! I would do Lauren Hutton in the white gold. And the rose gold would be like a Bianca Jagger.

Along the same lines, what’s one article of clothing you think best captures the mood of each fragrance?

Michael Kors: I would say rose gold would definitely be a really gorgeous, romantic blouse. You get to the white gold and it would have to be a crisp white shirt. And when you get to the yellow gold it would have to be a really sexy little dress.

kors on macys

Everyone at Macy’s has a favorite Michael Kors moment or memory. I remember getting my first handbag!  Do you have a favorite Macy’s memory?

Michael Kors: OMG, my favorite Macy’s memory … Well, I went to FIT. When I checked into school and went into the dorms, the minute I checked in I ran to Macy’s and outfitted my whole dorm room . Then I dragged it all back from 34th Street to 27th Street, so I was kind of resplendent in the dorm room in Macy’s.

duran duran

Finally, why did you choose to have Duran Duran perform tonight? 

Michael Kors: They’re upbeat, timeless, and I’ve known the Le Bons for a really long time, so it’s a great way to celebrate. As soon as I hear their music it puts a smile on my face! (Just an FYI, mine too!)

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