Jessica Alba Dishes on Her Amazing New Denim Line at Macy’s

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We’ve been admiring paparazzi shots of Jessica Alba looking so fab in jeans for years now, so it’s only fitting that the star and entrepreneur finally has her very own line of denim. Jessica’s collab with jeans brand DL1961 is finally here and we’re practically running to get our hands on a pair of distressed skinnies and high-waisted flares. Although, we did stop our sprint to the store for just a minute to chat with the newly minted designer. Learn about how the collection was designed to fit all body types and why Jessica loves jeans so much, plus which styles she just can’t live without, below.


mblog interview with jessica albaYou’re an accomplished actress, a successful entrepreneur and now a designer. Why did you decide to create a denim collection as your first foray into fashion? 

mblog interview with jessica albaI live in my jeans and so do my girlfriends, so it was fun to go to each of them and ask what they wanted in the perfect pair. My collection was designed to make jeans that you can wear every day and everywhere.


mblog interview with jessica albaIs there one pair in the collection you just can’t imagine living without?

mblog interview with jessica albaI love the No. 1 and No. 2 because it’s all about high-waisted denim for me — it makes the waist smaller and highlights your assets. The skinny leg is flattering on so many different body shapes, too. I also love the No. 5, a flare leg with a high waist. It elongates the whole body to make you look taller. Honestly, it’s hard to pick a favorite — I designed my dream wardrobe!


mblog interview with jessica albaThe perfect pair of jeans is notoriously hard to find. Is your collection designed for a range of sizes and body types?

mblog interview with jessica albaYes! A lot of designers fit for one specific body type and I’m like, “I love that brand, but the pieces are for a completely different build than mine.” So I did the fittings on four different women. What’s special about these jeans is that they make a flatter booty look more round and if you have a voluptuous booty, they hug it in the right way. Another great feature is that they will retain their shape no matter how many times they’ve been worn. They don’t stretch with you during the day, which is great for women on the go!


mblog interview with jessica albaWhat surprised you the most about the clothing design process?

mblog interview with jessica albaDetails are everything when it comes to design, especially for jeans. I really focused on the fit for each pair — I wanted to slim the thighs and lift the butt, so they look and feel amazing. We all turn and look at our butts in our jeans the minute we put them on, so they need to make you feel good and confident. I became obsessed with the details to make sure the proportions were on point and had a purpose.


mblog interview with jessica albaYour Honest Company products are all environmentally friendly. Was there an eco-conscious focus when creating your denim line as well?

mblog interview with jessica albaYes, I loved that DL1961 shared the same values — they are the only denim brand that makes a conscious effort to be eco-friendly. They own their own factories, so they are able to control the process and in turn use 50% less water, dye and chemicals in the manufacturing of all their jeans.


Click to shop the entire JAxDL collection at Macy’s.

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