Interview: Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez of Johnnyswim for Macy’s American Icons

Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez have steadily built a folk-pop career over the years as the musical duo Johnnyswim. But more than just bandmates, they’re a married couple. You may have seen them on TV shows like Live with Kelly and Michael or The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, or just recently modeling the latest denim looks for our American Icons campaign at the iconic Troubadour nightclub. Either way, mBLOG was stoked to have the chance to catch up with the twosome while still on their latest tour…

Johnnyswim; Amanda Sudano; Abner Ramirez

mBLOG: Our American Icons campaign this year highlights the best in music and style. How has the folk music culture
influenced today’s fashion?

Amanda: The heart of music in general should always be about expressing what’s deeply rooted in you. Being comfortable and honest in our songwriting is something we always strive for. I think that’s reflected in ease. Stevie Nicks… Joni Mitchell… they
always have a sense of, sure, being
performance ready, but also of being
comfortable and honest in music and attire. With music and fashion alike it’s part
performance, part expression.

Abner: I have no idea….

mBLOG: Do you draw inspiration
from previous folk singers or all kinds
of genres?

Amanda: Some of our favorite
singers ever, the ones that made us want
to do it for a living, are folk singers.
We draw from every genre, absolutely. We wouldn’t even really characterize ourselves fully as folk singers. But, folk music was the first type of music that inspired us to do it ourselves.

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Johnnyswim; Amanda Sudano; Abner Ramirez

mBLOG: Can you tell us a bit about how the two of you met?

Abner: We first saw each other across a crowded room. Truth be told, we were at church and I was there with another girl. Until, I saw Amanda and said out loud “That’s the girl I’m going to marry”.
That basically ended things with the
other girl on the spot.

Amanda: Ha! Yes, thankfully so. It took us four years after that to actually meet, but one day at a coffee shop we ran into each other and the rest is history.

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Johnnyswim; Amanda Sudano; Abner Ramirez

Johnnyswim; Amanda Sudano; Abner Ramirez

mBLOG: Any tips for married couples who also work together?

Abner: Absolutely. Keep snacks handy.
We realized most of the time when we
argued it was due to low blood sugar, so Amanda started carrying snacks. And, sure enough, our working relationship and
marriage have been bliss every since!
Also, let all the ups and downs be a great adventure that you’re on together. Be teammates and have fun.

mBLOG: So what’s next? Where do
you see yourselves in the next 5-10 years?

Amanda: We have our second studio record coming out in September, which
we are insanely proud of. Hopefully, it
ushers us into many more years of writing
and touring. In 5-10 years, I see a few more
kids and hopefully a musical catalog that stretches outside of many genres and artists.

Johnnyswim; Amanda Sudano

Johnnyswim; Amanda Sudano; Abner Ramirez

mBLOG: Lastly, we just have to ask,
what or who do you consider to be an American Icon?

Johnnyswim: All the American Icons
that we cherish, from Johnny Cash
to Jay-Z, have something we adore
in common, and that is a freedom to
unabashedly be themselves. There’s
certain brilliance in revealing your true
identity, and that is iconic.

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Loved getting to know Johnnyswim?
That’s just the beginning! Follow allow along as our celebration of the best in
fashion and music continues with our American Icons campaign.

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