Interview: Aaron Rodgers on the New adidas Athletics Collection

As an all-star quarterback, it’s safe to say that Aaron Rodgers knows what it’s like to be in the zone. Which makes him the perfect athlete to partner with the new adidas Athletics collection. Specifically designed to block out game day distractions, the line of hoodies, pants and tracksuits is all about staying focused on performance. So, just how does Aaron stay in the zone? We chatted with him to find out…

Aaron Rodger adidasYou are the face of adidas Athletics and the Z.N.E. hoodie at Macy’s. Can you tell us what people expect to see from the new line?

Aaron Rodger adidasThe whole line is fashionable and is a great product to wear off the field. Specifically, the Z.N.E. Hoodie is meant to help keep athletes focused and distractions out.


Aaron Rodger adidasDo you have a favorite piece?

Aaron Rodger adidasI like to be comfortable off the field but still conscious of what I’m wearing. Honestly the whole line is great for that. The Z.N.E. hoodie and tiro pant are perfect for travel to and from the field.


Aaron Rodger adidasCan you tell us about one moment in your career where the distractions were especially difficult to block out?

Aaron Rodger adidasI don’t let distractions get to me. Sure, there are times that distractions can play a role for players, but I try to look ahead and stay focused on winning games.

Aaron Rodger adidas

Aaron Rodger adidasWhat helps you stay in the zone come game time?

Aaron Rodger adidasWe train hard and prepare all year long for the season, so the physical preparation is there. On game day, it’s about mental focus and I’m surrounded by a great group of guys that all have a common goal, I always know on game day that we’re all locked in.


Aaron Rodger adidasHow about your style off the field? What’s one way you would describe it?

Aaron Rodger adidasI’m a pretty understated guy. Not too flashy. I’m always conscious of what I’m putting on but still like being comfortable. Sportswear like this is perfect for me.


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  1. clothing looks boring/ordinary and for sports fitness wear looks like it’s geared to out of shape fat men who want to hide the belly! Pretty disappointing for a major brand like Adidas

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