Interview: Cynthia Rowley Debuts Her Exclusive New Collection at Macy’s

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Counting down the days until your next summer getaway? So was famed designer Cynthia Rowley when she created her new Macy’s exclusive collection CR by Cynthia Rowley. The line features breezy dresses in bold, floral and imaginative prints and sporty staples that infuse a sense of adventure. We chatted with Cynthia to get a first look at the collection and, of course, to score some fashion advice from the style icon.

cynthia rowley, summer fashion, fashion tips
cynthia rowley, bomber jacket, summer fashion

starmBLOGDescribe the new CR by Cynthia Rowley Collection in three words:

starCRPretty, playful and sporty.

starmBLOGThe one item in the collection every girl needs in her closet is:

starCRA sexy, floral print dress that you can wear from the beach to a party at sunset.

starmBLOGThe inspiration behind the line is:

starCRThe ultimate summer getaway.

starmBLOGI love prints because:

starCRThere’s nothing more fun than reimagining classic wardrobe staples with unexpected combinations of print and color.

starmBLOG The best style advice I ever received was:

starCRMore is more, less is a bore!

starmBLOG The three items you can find in my beach bag are:

starCR Oversized sunglasses, a wetsuit (of course), a bikini and a cute sundress to throw over the top.

starmBLOG Did you design the CR by Cynthia Rowley Collection with a specific type of girl in mind?

starCR Don’t we all have different sides to our personalities? Keep them guessing and go from flirty-feminine to sporty-tomboy and then mix them all together!

starmBLOG There’s definitely a sporty element to the line. Is this something that’s a part of your own personal style?

starCR For me, summer fun always includes a sport. As we all live healthier lives, I think it’s natural to carry it through to our clothes.

starmBLOG You’re an award-winning designer whose brand includes fashion, beauty, accessories, and home. Is there any one accomplishment that stands out the most?

starCR Every day I try to feel like I’ve accomplished something important. Sometimes it’s a new business relationship and sometimes it’s getting through my 6th grader’s math homework!

starmBLOG We’re pretty psyched for summer. What are some of the ways you plan on celebrating the season?

starCR I do love to travel to off-the-beaten-track surf spots and go on occasional far-flung adventures, but even a night out with my girlfriends can feel like a real getaway!

Shop the new sporty and chic CR by Cynthia Rowley collection now at

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