How to Customize a Skincare Routine for Your Skin Type

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Newsflash: Not all skincare routines should be the same! The cleanser your roommate loves may be totally wrong for your type of complexion. And the new toner your fave beauty blogger is raving about could be too strong for anyone with sensitive skin. So, how do you build a routine tailor-made for you? First, you define your skin type and then you take note of the below….

Beauty essentials for dry skin
If your skin is flaky, scaly or rough it’s time to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Get a healthy-looking glow with hydrating products that include little to no alcohol or fragrance.

1. Cleanser: Remove dirt and makeup and restore moisture with natural ingredients like organic olive oil and plant glycerin in Origins rejuvenating cleansing milk.

2. Moisturizer: A cream-to-water moisturizer like Bliss Drench ‘n’ Quench is the best way to lock in lasting hydration. Use this gentle formula morning and night for best results.

3. Primer: For a daily moisture boost, apply Smashbox photo finish primer oil before makeup for a healthy, dewy look. Plus, you can use on other dry skin areas like elbows and cuticles.

Skincare Essentials for oily skin
Feel like your face has a constant shine? Fight oily skin and visible pores without over-drying by using oil-free and gel formulas.

1. Cleanser: Kiss shine and visible pores goodbye with an oil minimizing cleanser like DERMAdoctor AIN’T misbehavin’.

2. Toner: For that much-coveted matte look, apply Fashion Fair toner after cleansing and before makeup.

3. Moisturizer: If you want hydration without the shine, Estée Lauder oil control gel is the go-to moisturizer for refining pores and balancing skin tone.

Skincare Essentials for sensitive skin

Those prone to redness, irritation and allergic reactions should avoid products including alcohol or fragrances and look for dermatologist-tested formulas.

1. Cleanser: It doesn’t get more gentle than Clinique cleansing foam. The plush and velvety soft formula promises to clean and freshen without irritating even the most sensitive skin types.

2. Toner: Use Dior gentle toning lotion to prep skin for moisturizer. The alcohol-free product removes any remaining impurities.

3. Moisturizer: A hydrating and soothing moisturizer for sensitive skin like MAC Complete Comfort Crème provides relief from any redness or irritation.

Skincare Essentials for normal skin

If you’re one of the lucky ones with an “ideal” skin type, the goal is maintaining your normal complexion and preventing signs of aging.

1. Cleaner: Sleeping in makeup is one of the biggest beauty mistakes you can make. Even the heaviest product is no match for the cleansing power of Clarins Pure Melt gel.

2. Moisturizer: Keep your normal skin looking its best by applying a firming moisturizer like Lancôme Régenerie Lift daily.

3. Serum: Maintain your natural glow while you sleep — Dr. Brandt resurfacing serum increases cell turnover overnight, so you wake up to more youthful skin.

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