How to Accentuate Your Best Features with the Right Makeup

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Sometimes it feels like putting on makeup is more about covering up flaws than showing off what makes us gorgeous and unique. Here at mBLOG, we believe a makeup look should accentuate your most naturally beautiful assets instead of hiding what makes you, well… you! So, in celebration of everything you love about your pretty face, we created a guide to putting the spotlight on your very best features.

How to accentuate your lips

Got a pout that would make Angelina Jolie jealous? The best way to show off your gorgeous lips is with a bright color, the most popular choice being a fiery red. Even better, use a lip liner to create the perfect Cupid’s bow shape and thinly line the perimeter of lips. Fill in with a matching lipstick for your most kissable lips yet.

MAC lip liner in Cherry and lipstick in Lady Bug.


How to accentuate your eyebrows

Having well shaped, face framing eyebrows is enough to make a girl feel #blessed, but they can look even better with a little extra umph. Enter: Eyebrow volumizing gel. Use a brush on gel over a conditioning primer for a look that’s both bold and long lasting.

Benefit Browvo! conditioning primer and Gimme Brow volumizing gel.

How to accentuate your cheekbones

If your cheekbones reach supermodel levels of height, then you’ve got to truly make them pop. Brush your favorite shade of powdered pink blush in a c-motion on the apples of your cheeks. Then, draw attention to the area by applying a champagne-colored highlighter directly above cheekbones.

Bobbi Brownpink brightening blush and highlighter in Pink Glow.

How to accentuate your eyes

For those ladies with a stunning eye color or just the prettiest peepers anyone has ever seen, make sure they’re the first thing people notice. Achieve a bright and wide-eyed effect by applying a small amount of white eyeshadow on your inner eye crease and finish with your favorite lash-lengthening mascara.

Laura Mercier eyeshadow in Blanc and long lash mascara.

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