The Guide to Finding Your New Fall Signature Scent

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You’ve already ushered in fall with the perfect, on-trend wardrobe, so now it’s time to top it all off with a fresh, new scent. And luckily we’ve got our hands on the latest fragrances from your favorite luxury brands. Is something flirty perfect for you or are you more of a glamorous kind of gal? Below, we’re decoding which type of scent is best suited for you and suggesting a new fragrance that’s guaranteed to be love at first spritz.

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If you dream of nights in Paris, keep a rotation of rom-coms in your Netflix queue and boast a closet full of pink party dresses, you’re in love with Romantic & Feminine fragrances. Scents that blend feminine florals with proactive fruity notes are guaranteed to have you head over heels.

Try: The sparkling and elegant scent of Tiffany eau de parfum featuring notes of green mandarin, blue iris and musk.

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If you love the great outdoors, own more sneakers than high-heels and have been described as “bubbly” more times than you can count, Fresh & Flirty fragrances are for you. Lively and invigorating scents inspired by nature capture your carefree spirit.

Try: A playful, floral scent like Gucci Bloom with fresh jasmine, tuberose and rangoon.

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If you’ve never met a dance floor you didn’t slay, consider a red lip your signature look and believe every night is date night, you’ve met your match in Sexy & Glamorous fragrances. Reach for a dark-colored scent that excites and intrigues with spicy notes.

Try: The mesmerizingly musky BVGLARI Goldea The Roman Night with touches of black peony, mulberry and patchouli heart.

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If you never backed down from a dare, feel at home in the boardroom and always rock the season’s latest trends, you’re suited for Confident & Sophisticated fragrances. Your bold and fearless attitude is a match for floral fragrances that use a single flower or a bouquet to define their signature.

Try The audaciously floral Dior J’adore Injoy with a fleur de sel base and notes of ylang-ylang and juicy peach.

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  1. Recently I stop by your store in Wesland Mall in Hialeah just doing window shopping and stoped in Chanel counter..a,Lady ,named Lucy ,try me with a courtesy and aproach me and show decenly and very proffesionalism and great knowledges about the company that she represent.Result in a purchase of one of my favorites perfume from that day to today. She is a good example of dedicated and fine employee.Thanks Macy’s for hired people that really do good job and project a god image of your great company. Thanks Lucy for try me like a person.

    1. We’re thrilled Lucy could be of assistance — thanks for sharing with us! -Brandy at Macy’s

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