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It’s hard to think of a way that shopping could get any better, but it looks like we just found one. Macy’s Thanks for Sharing is back to raise money for amazing charities and pass along extra rewards to you. Now, let’s see how you can gain access to 10% rewards on qualifying Macy’s purchases made with your Macy’s Credit Card!


Like, literally now! It’s super simple, just go to to join for $25, charged to your Macy’s Credit Card.


Once you join, you’ll get 10% rewards* on your Macy’s and purchases charged to your Enrolled Account through December 31. The rewards you get will be delivered to you in the form of a rewards card.


Use your rewards card at Macy’s when it arrives in February! (#treatyourself)


Joining Thanks For Sharing means more than earning the best rewards at Macy’s. With your help, we can change the lives of those who need it most. $10 out of each $25 enrollment fee will be donated to select charities, up to $15 million!

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*Exclusions apply. For further information on donation, including allocation of donations to charitable partners and the missions of the charities, please visit

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  1. It’s in the borderline of fraud. Macy’s associates are trained to bug the customers till death to join. They do not say that out of $25, only $10 will go to Charity. Nor do they say that the $25 card that is given (to be used against a purchase of $100 in a single transaction) is worthless for two reasons — 1) It has dozens of exclusion that excludes over 50% of merchandise ; 2) It cannot be used in conjunction with your Macy’s coupons (that already offer 25% discount) .

    The so called $25 card is not shown to you before you pay $25 and so you do not know about the exclusions , nor is the fact that only $10 goes to charity is displayed in the Thanks for Sharing Ads throughout the store

    Donate directly to the charity you like – I do not want to donate $15 to a corporate house . I was tricked by a Macy’s associate this year but never again

  2. Hello, is there any way to check the TFS balance?? I signed up and made a purchase that same day. They said the rewards would be on the receipt but I don’t see anything. Luckily, I do have my thanks for sharing receipt in email form, so I can prove enrollment date. But I’d feel better if I could check on it.

    1. Hi, KS — if your value to date didn’t appear on your receipt you can always give us a call at 1-888-933-6229. Hope this helps! – Nora at Macy’s

  3. Do. Not. Sign. Up. For. Thanks. For. Sharing.

    I did. I signed up. My account was charged. I went shopping. I was asked to sign up for Thanks For Sharing. I said I did. They said I didn’t. I won’t even attempt to describe the ensuing runaround, except to say that I was asked to return to the store with proof that I had indeed signed up.

    Which I did. At which point I was asked, over and over, if I had more than one Macy’s account. I do not.

    At this point Macy’s has my $25. Nordstrom has my business.

    Thanks for nothing Macy’s.

    1. We’re disappointed to hear you haven’t had a better experience. Can you send us an email at Please include all the details and our team will do their best to help. Thank you! -Nora at Macy’s

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