First Stop: Calvin Klein at the New Whitney Museum in New York City

Our American Icons campaign is in full effect once again and we’re kicking off the annual cross-country road trip at a spot close to home.  Just this month, the Whitney Museum of American Art relocated to a modern building in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District, but before they opened the gallery doors, we used the newly minted setting to show off our favorite type of art — fashion! And what better collection to showcase than the latest from Calvin Klein, a brand known for its cutting-edge, minimalist design. In fact, we discovered that the cornerstones of modern architecture are virtually synonymous with statement-making style.




In both modern architecture and fashion, sometimes less really is more. With no unnecessary frills or ornate details, both The Whitney and a white maxi dress are true standouts in New York City.

Calvin Klein textured maxi dress.



Crisp horizontal and vertical lines have an eye-catching effect in building design. It’s no different for clothing, as a men’s jacket is made instantly cooler by linear elements.

Calvin Klein men’s jacket*, tee* and shorts.



Advanced technology allows contemporary architects to use unique and unexpected materials in their buildings. You can follow suit with a distinct mixed-media outfit.

Calvin Klein mixed-media top, drawstring pants and slide sandals.



Following Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous advice that “form follows function,” modern architects believe a building’s design should fit its purpose. In fashion, this reads: stylish, comfortable and versatile.

Calvin Klein graphic tee, white denim shorts and slip-on sneakers*; Calvin Klein men’s printed shirt*; white jeans and slip-on sneakers.


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*Available in-store only. Contact one of Macy’s Personal Shoppers to find it at a location near you.

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