Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift with My Stylist@Macy’s

You’ve found the perfect dinner recipe, put together the ultimate romantic playlist and bought more than enough candles to set the mood all evening long… but you’re still missing a gift! Enter: the personal shoppers at My Stylist@Macy’s. We caught up with Candice Ward, one of the service’s top stylists, to help you check that last box off your Valentine’s Day to-do list.

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mBLOG: One of the great things about My Stylist@Macy’s is that it’s not just for wardrobe planning, but gifting, too. Can you tell us a little bit more about how that works? 

CW: Giving gifts is a great time to show someone your appreciation and love. The My Stylist@Macy’s team recognizes the importance of the feeling of joy each gift brings. That’s why the stylists work with their clients to capture the uniqueness of each recipient and select the gift that will create a little magic.

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mBLOG: Say you’re on a budget, what’s a good way to show how much you care without breaking the bank?

CW: Gifts that you actually spend time creating is not only cost effective but often more valuable than something you buy in a store or online. I would suggest making dinner at home together. Or if you are not a great cook, order in. The My Stylist@Macy’s team will help you create the ambiance, perhaps adding a nice vase for your fresh flowers or an updated set of dinnerware. When you have your hands in creating the experience or gift, it is always sure to delight the recipient.

Top Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for HIm

Tommy Hilfiger boxer shorts; Lacoste classic short-sleeve polo; Fossil leather strap chronograph watch.

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mBLOG: Any advice on shopping for someone new in your life whose interests or taste you may not know very well yet?

CW: When you are getting to know someone new, it’s really important that you take the time to truly listen and watch their moves. We say a lot about ourselves in everyday conversation. Use what you pick up on and tailor your gift to what you have learned. As an example, you may hear me say I am going to yoga class at 5 p.m., so a personalized yoga mat could be a great gift idea.

If you are still having a hard time, gift cards are perfect options and our teams have beautiful styles to present to your recipient with an invitation to connect with a stylist.

Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

 Effy diamond rings; Giani Bernini adjustable bracelets; kensie Go Red layered lace dress.

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mBLOG: Are there any big gift trends this year to keep an eye out for? Anything that’s a don’t?

CW: Items that assists in health and fitness goals, like the variety of options within FitBit. Personalization continues to be popular. I love the collection of Fossil watches that allow you to get just about anything you want monogrammed on the back. Also, statement rings and stackable bracelets always put a sparkle in a girl’s eye.

Don’t spend more than you can afford! Trust your instincts and utilize free services like the My Stylist@Macy’s team to help you select that perfect gift.

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Love what you see? You’ve still got plenty of time to set up a date with your local My Stylist@Macy’s team. Head over to for more info

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